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NY0323 : Gilgarran farm. by John Holmes
NY0322 : The Ex Greyhound Inn at Pica. by John Holmes
NY0323 : Sparse looking trees alongside a country lane by Matthew Hatton
NY0423 : Gilgarran turnoff. by John Holmes
NY0423 : Straight east of Colingates by Matthew Hatton
NY0322 : The lane to Pica by David Purchase
NY0324 : Wythemoor Sough by John Holmes
NY0223 : Country lane near Gilgarren by Matthew Hatton
NY0323 : Road into Gilgarren by Matthew Hatton
NY0423 : Agricultural land on Dean Moor by Matthew Hatton
NY0422 : Moor Road. by John Holmes
NY0224 : Entrance to an almost full landfill site. by John Holmes
NY0422 : Excavator parked up in Thief Gill by Matthew Hatton
NY0422 : A track on Dean Moor by David Purchase
NY0223 : Kelmore Hills Farm entrance. by John Holmes

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