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SJ9776 : View south from Erwin Lane by Peter Turner
SJ9875 : Farm at Redmoor by Peter Barr
SJ9675 : From Ely Brow to Yearns Low by Chris Wimbush
SJ9676 : Common Barn, farmhouse tea-room by Peter Barr
SJ9876 : Gathering in the flock at Saltersford by John M
SJ9776 : View east from off Erwin Lane by Peter Turner
SJ9876 : Approaching Jenkin Chapel by Peter Turner
SJ9675 : Yearns Farm from footpath from Water Works by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Lamaload Reservoir by Chris Wimbush
SJ9676 : West from Pike Road by Peter Turner
SJ9875 : Path below Andrew's Edge by Bill Boaden
SJ9876 : Jenkin Chapel, Saltersford by Brian Deegan
SJ9676 : Metal gate at Common Barn by Peter Barr
SJ9875 : Redundant gatepost below Andrew's Edge by Bill Boaden
SJ9775 : Lamaload Reservoir by Mark Critchley
SJ9676 : Look North by Peter Turner
SJ9876 : Jenkin Chapel by Philip Halling
SJ9675 : The road to Lamaload by Peter Turner
SJ9776 : Waggonshaw Farm by Peter Barr
SJ9675 : Upper Dean valley by Dave Dunford
SJ9775 : Lamaload Reservoir- view towards the dam by John M
SJ9675 : Yearnslow Farm by Peter Barr
SJ9876 : Jenkin Chapel by Colin Park
SJ9775 : Disused conveniences, Lamaload Reservoir by Trevor Harris
SJ9876 : Jenkin Chapel by Alan Fleming
SJ9675 : Lamaload Dam by Peter McDermott
SJ9676 : Blue Boar Farm, near Ginclough by Philip Halling
SJ9775 : Lamaload Dam by Peter McDermott
SJ9775 : Memorial Stone, Nab End by Peter Turner
SJ9675 : Yearnslow Farm, Rainow by Peter Turner
SJ9675 : Lamaload Reservoir from Yearnslow Farm by Dave Dunford
SJ9776 : Cottages at Blue Boar Farm by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Footpath leading down to Hooleyhey Lane and Lamaload by Peter Barr
SJ9876 : Footpath to Kettleshulme from Fox Hill by steven ruffles
SJ9776 : Blue Boar Farm Cottages by Stephen Burton
SJ9776 : Round Knoll Farm by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Sheep above Lamaload Reservoir by Bill Boaden
SJ9676 : Upper Dean valley by Dave Dunford
SJ9776 : Footpath post, Ewrin Lane by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Signpost at Nab Head, Saltersford with view towards Cats Tor by Colin Park
SJ9775 : Disused barn at Lamaload Reservoir by Peter Barr
SJ9876 : Green Stack by Peter Barr
SJ9675 : Ely Brow by Dave Dunford
SJ9676 : Pike Road by Peter Barr
SJ9776 : Waggonshaw Brow by Michael Fox
SJ9776 : Bank Lane by steven ruffles
SJ9876 : View west from Cats Tor by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Patterns of the Dam Wall by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Old gatepost by the path to Hooleyhey Lane by Bill Boaden
SJ9675 : Snipe House, Berristal Road by Peter Barr
SJ9775 : Dam at Lamaload Reservoir by Phil Eptlett
SJ9675 : Lamaload Water Treatment Works, Rainow by Peter Turner
SJ9875 : Redmoor Brow by David Kitching
SJ9675 : Which way ???? by Peter Royle
SJ9776 : Waggonshaw Farm by Peter McDermott
SJ9675 : Old farm well, Yearnslow by Dave Dunford

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