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SJ8269 : Weeping Willow Wakening by michael ely
SJ8267 : Entrance to Clonter Opera Theatre, Trap Road, Swettenham by Peter Turner
SJ8268 : Boundary Farm by Peter McDermott
SJ8168 : Broad Hill, Lower Withington by michael ely
SJ8267 : Exiting Clonter Opera Theatre grounds by Peter Turner
SJ8368 : Lower Marton Farm by Peter McDermott
SJ8269 : Salters Lane west of the track to Hodgehill Cottages by Peter Whatley
SJ8368 : Hodgehill Lane/Davenport Lane junction, Marton by Peter Turner
SJ8267 : Messuage Lane/Trap Road junction by Colin Pyle
SJ8267 : Start of footpath north of Clonterbrook Farm by Richard Dorrell
SJ8268 : Boundary Farms, Hodgehill Lane Marton by Peter Turner
SJ8269 : Boundary Farm by Peter McDermott
SJ8368 : Lower Marton Farm by michael ely
SJ8267 : Broomfield House, Somerford Booths by Peter Turner
SJ8268 : The Black Swan, Trap Street by michael ely
SJ8269 : Hodgehill Lane at Bridge Farm by Colin Pyle
SJ8168 : Sneaky lane junction, Lower Withington by Peter Whatley
SJ8368 : Stile and field by Davenport Lane Farm, Marton by Colin Park
SJ8269 : B5392 Salters Lane, Lower Withington by Peter Turner
SJ8368 : Davenport Lane at Lower Marton Farm by Colin Pyle
SJ8269 : Drive entrance and footpath to Hodgehill Cottages by Peter Turner
SJ8267 : Clonter Opera Theatre by Peter Turner
SJ8267 : Broomfield (House) Farm by Colin Park
SJ8168 : Black is the new Red by michael ely
SJ8168 : Long Lane/Forty Acre Lane junction Swettenham by Peter Turner
SJ8168 : Swettenham/Lower Withington parish boundary, Long Lane by Peter Turner
SJ8268 : Hodgehill Lane at Boundary Farms by Colin Pyle
SJ8168 : Forty Acre Lane from Long Lane junction by Peter Turner
SJ8168 : Forty Acre Lane/Long Lane junction Swettenham by Peter Turner

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