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NY3818 : View up Glencoyne by Gareth James
NY3617 : Ice Encrusted Grasses, Near Swart Beck by Mick Garratt
NY3918 : Ullswater from below Low Birk Fell by Kim Fyson
NY3718 : Glencoynedale by Michael Graham
NY3816 : Repaired track by Glenridding Beck by Karl and Ali
NY3816 : Boathouse, Patterdale by Ian Taylor
NY3616 : On Birkhouse Moor by Michael Graham
NY3616 : On Birkhouse Moor by Michael Graham
NY4017 : Tarn on Place Fell by Graham Robson
NY3817 : In Glencoyne Wood by Michael Graham
NY3518 : Quarry tips by Rob Burke
NY3816 : Lanty's Tarn by Jim Barton
NY3917 : Purse Point picnic by Andy Waddington
NY3717 : Heron Pike by Michael Graham
NY3817 : Glenridding landing stage by Tom Bennetts
NY3917 : Path towards Patterdale by Graham Robson
NY3617 : Path to Keppel Cove by P Leedell
NY3518 : Sticks Gill Valley by Shaun Ferguson
NY3917 : Bay on the eastern shore of Ullswater by Graham Robson
NY3817 : Banks of Ullswater by Russel Wills
NY3817 : Lamb in a Glenridding garden by Karl and Ali
NY3515 : Approaching Helvellyn by Michael Graham
NY3817 : Ullswater shoreline by Tom Pennington
NY3718 : Looking up Glencoyne Dale by Michael Graham
NY3918 : Lingy Holm and Wall Holm by Karl and Ali
NY3617 : Glenridding Youth Hostel, March 1980 by Donald MacDonald
NY3515 : Path to Red Tarn by Michael Graham
NY3817 : Inn on the Lake, Glenridding, Gardens by Alexander P Kapp
NY4018 : Footpath southeast side of Ullswater by Alexander P Kapp
NY3818 : Kayaks on Ullswater by Gareth James
NY3517 : Bridge, Swart Beck by Mick Garratt
NY3716 : Ascending Birkhouse Moor by Michael Graham
NY4017 : Hart Crag descent off Place Fell by Mick Garratt
NY3718 : Seldom Seen by Trevor Littlewood
NY3518 : Lead mining Spoil Heaps by Mick Garratt
NY3618 : Summit Cairn, Sheffield Pike by Michael Graham
NY3718 : Glencoyne Beck by Michael Graham
NY3917 : Glenridding Beck and Ullswater by Anthony Foster
NY3918 : Norfolk Island from  Silver Point by Jim Barton
NY3517 : Chimney, The Stang by Michael Graham
NY3515 : Hole in the Wall by Mick Garratt
NY3517 : Spoil tip, Sticks Gill by Karl and Ali
NY3817 : Ullswater Hotel by Peter McDermott
NY3717 : Rake Cottages, Glenridding by Ian Taylor
NY3816 : Ullswater by Carl Bendelow
NY3816 : Lanty's Tarn by Mick Garratt
NY3818 : Glencoyne from an Ullswater Steamer by Alan Walker
NY3516 : Glennridding Beck by Michael Graham
NY3518 : Descending Green Side by Karl and Ali
NY3817 : Inn on the Lake, Glenridding by Alexander P Kapp
NY3718 : Descending Glencoyne towards  Seldom Seen by chris pearson
NY3716 : Rattlebeck Bridge, Glenridding by Nigel Davies
NY3816 : Ullswater: The southern most tip by Pam Brophy
NY3818 : Glencoyne farm by Karl and Ali
NY3617 : Greenside Mine by Mick Garratt
NY3617 : Greenside by Michael Graham
NY3617 : Entrance to Helvellyn Youth Hostel by George Tod

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