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SJ3033 : Plaque, Gobowen station by El Pollock
SJ3033 : Railway artefact outside Gobowen station by John Firth
SJ3033 : Gobowen War Memorial by Jaggery
SJ3033 : New uses for redundant station buildings in Gobowen by Jaggery
SJ3033 : Looking north, Gobowen railway station by El Pollock
SJ3033 : Gobowen shops near a level crossing by Jaggery
SJ3032 : Disused railway line at Gobowen by Richard Hoare
SJ3033 : Cornwall Avenue and Trewern Avenue by John Firth
SJ3032 : A5 roundabout near Gobowen by John Firth
SJ3132 : Morning Train by Alan Stewart
SJ3133 : Lanes meet on the NCR 31 by Row17
SJ3033 : A5 at Gobowen by N Chadwick
SJ3033 : Modern houses in Old Whittington Road, Gobowen by Jaggery
SJ3032 : Milestone by Keith Evans
SJ3032 : In a cutting on the Shrewsbury - Chester line by N Chadwick
SJ3032 : View south off lane, at the entrance to Derwen College by Christopher Hilton
SJ3033 : B5069 level crossing, Gobowen by El Pollock
SJ3033 : Gobowen Station by Eirian Evans
SJ3032 : Sign at Gobowen Orthopaedic Hospital by Dave Croker
SJ3033 : By Pass Road houses in Gobowen by Jaggery
SJ3033 : The south-eastern end of Gobowen railway station by El Pollock
SJ3132 : Gently rolling countryside by N Chadwick
SJ3033 : Train approaching Gobowen by Wayland Smith
SJ3033 : Old Chirk Road, Gobowen by John Lucas
SJ3133 : Charolais suckler cows and calves grazing at  Hillyards Plantation by John Haynes
SJ3032 : A5 southbound near Lower Hengoed by Colin Pyle
SJ3032 : Greenhouse by N Chadwick
SJ3132 : Derwen College Garden Centre by Eirian Evans
SJ3033 : Gobowen station, 1997 by Ben Brooksbank
SJ3133 : River Perry at  Iron Mills by John Haynes
SJ3032 : Standing traffic on the A5 by Bill Boaden
SJ3032 : A5 (A483) - route confirmatory sign north of Pentre Clawdd roundabout by Peter Whatley
SJ3033 : Audrey's hair stylist in Gobowen by Jaggery
SJ3132 : The B5009, the old route of the A5 by Row17
SJ3033 : Train entering Gobowen from the south by John Firth
SJ3032 : Derwen College, Gobowen by Eirian Evans
SJ3033 : Towards the former Oswestry junction from Gobowen by Jaggery
SJ3032 : A5 overbridge northeast of Pentre-wern by Stuart Logan
SJ3032 : A5, approaching Five Crosses Roundabout by N Chadwick
SJ3033 : From platform 2, Gobowen railway station by El Pollock
SJ3032 : The entrance to the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital by Richard Hoare
SJ3132 : View south from the entrance to Derwen College Garden Centre by Christopher Hilton
SJ3033 : St David's Close, Gobowen by Jaggery
SJ3033 : Canopy on platform 2, Gobowen railway station by El Pollock
SJ3032 : Within the hospital complex by Jonathan Billinger
SJ3033 : Signal GN4, Gobowen railway station by El Pollock
SJ3033 : Houses in Gobowen by N Chadwick
SJ3032 : Gobowen Orthopaedic Hospital by Eirian Evans
SJ3032 : Hospital at Park Hall by Alan Stewart
SJ3033 : The line to Oswestry by John Lucas
SJ3032 : Ludlow Ward, Gobowen Hospital by Eirian Evans
SJ3033 : Up fast freight passing Gobowen Station by Ben Brooksbank
SJ3033 : Hengoed with Gobowen Parish Church by John Haynes
SJ3033 : Gobowen Railway Station by Gordon Cragg

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