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NY3407 : Larch trees with outcropping rock by Trevor Littlewood
NY3308 : View from Easedale Road, Grasmere by Ian Taylor
NY3408 : Small tarn north of Alcock Tarn from Butter Crags by David Brown
NY3308 : Trees on rock outcrops, Grasmere by Trevor Littlewood
NY3508 : Tarn on Rydal Fell by Graham Horn
NY3107 : Footpath to Swinescar Hause by Tom Richardson
NY3307 : Croft House Bakery and Post Office, Grasmere by Jaggery
NY3307 : Flat Pasture meadows at Grasmere by Nigel Mykura
NY3508 : Erne Crag on the Fairfield Horseshoe by Peter S
NY3306 : Grasmere Lake by Malcolm Reid
NY3108 : Easedale Tarn by Peter Bond
NY3308 : A591 heading north, Grasmere by Rob Farrow
NY3108 : Juniper trees by Sally
NY3307 : Riverside, South East of Grasmere Church by David Lewis
NY3308 : Easedale Beck viewed from Goody Bridge by Graham Robson
NY3008 : Split Rock by Michael Graham
NY3208 : Grazing Cattle, Easedale by Michael Graham
NY3408 : Descending Stone Arthur by Michael Graham
NY3307 : Allan Bank by DS Pugh
NY3307 : St Oswaldsâs Church, Grasmere by Richard Rogerson
NY3108 : Sourmilk Gill by Michael Graham
NY3008 : Easedale Tarn by Michael Graham
NY3508 : Heron Pike by Tom Richardson
NY3307 : Death of a poet by Des Colhoun
NY3008 : Footpath alongside Easedale Tarn by Graham Robson
NY3108 : Sour Milk Gill by Ian Taylor
NY3208 : Below Helm Crag by Ian Taylor
NY3408 : A591 by Michael Graham
NY3508 : Common Raven (Corvus corax) by Anthony Parkes
NY3407 : Alcock Tarn by Ian Taylor
NY3306 : Grasmere by Trevor Rickard
NY3108 : Footpath to Easedale Tarn by Brian Slater
NY3208 : Brimmer Head Farm, Easedale by Brian Slater
NY3307 : Church Bridge, Grasmere by Stephen McKay
NY3108 : Easedale Road, Grasmere by Peter S
NY3307 : Lucia's, Grasmere by Jaggery
NY3307 : Stock Lane, Grasmere by Ian S
NY3208 : Rescue Helicopter below Jackdaw Crag by William Bartlett
NY3408 : Footpath junction below Stone Arthur by Alexander P Kapp
NY3306 : Grasmere by Andrew Curtis
NY3508 : Looking towards Heron Pike by Graham Robson
NY3107 : Swinescar Hause by Michael Graham
NY3307 : Grasmere, Lake District by D Williams
NY3508 : Heron Pike by David Purchase
NY3408 : Footpath from Great Rigg to Grasmere by Alexander P Kapp
NY3306 : Grasmere by Steve Daniels
NY3308 : River Rothay by David Brown
NY3408 : Self-catering cottage near Grasmere by Stephen Craven
NY3008 : Easedale Tarn, Cumbria by Peter S
NY3508 : Tarn on Heron Pike by Michael Graham
NY3307 : William Wordsworth's Grave by Gary Rogers
NY3408 : The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Wayside, Grasmere, Porch by Alexander P Kapp
NY3407 : Alcock Tarn by Martyn B
NY3408 : Our Lady of the Wayside RC Church by Tinkerbell
NY3307 : Grasmere Church by Christine Hasman
NY3307 : Butharlyp Howe Youth Hostel, Grasmere by George Tod
NY3307 : Allan Bank, near Grasmere by Nigel Thompson
NY3307 : Riverside Cafe, Grasmere by Stephen McKay

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