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NY5603 : Mast, Dennison Hill by Michael Graham
NY5705 : Bretherdale by David Brown
NY5905 : Benchmark on rock outcrop beside minor road near Greenholme by Roger Templeman
NY5705 : Bretherdale Head Ford by John Walton
NY6006 : Westmorland Hotel by David Dixon
NY5905 : Benchmark on dry stone wall NE of Greenholme Bridge by Roger Templeman
NY5505 : The country near Crookdale Bridge by David Purchase
NY5703 : From Winash by Michael Graham
NY5806 : Moor's edge, Ewelock Bank by Richard Webb
NY6006 : Entrance  to  Tebay  Services  M6  southbound by Martin Dawes
NY5906 : Junction of walls beside minor road near Brackenhall by Roger Templeman
NY5505 : Red Crag by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Tebay: M6 Services by Chris Downer
NY5505 : The wall on Crookdale Crag by David Brown
NY6006 : View east from Tebay East services by Mike Pennington
NY5805 : Footbridge and ford on minor road for Eskew Beck by Roger Templeman
NY6006 : 57306 at Greenholme by The Carlisle Kid
NY5906 : Trees and pastureland near Whitebrow by Karl and Ali
NY5505 : Shap Fells and Longsleddale by M J Richardson
NY5905 : Dereliction at Low Whinhowe by Karl and Ali
NY5706 : Knot Moss, Birkbeck Fells Common by Karl and Ali
NY5805 : Trig Pillar, North Side by David Brown
NY6006 : M6, Tebay West Services by David Dixon
NY5604 : Breast High by Peter McDermott
NY5904 : Minor road towards Bretherdale Foot at Nichol Hill by Roger Templeman
NY6006 : Tebay West Services by M J Richardson
NY5804 : Houses at Midwath Stead by Trevor Littlewood
NY5606 : Thunder Stone above Bretherdale by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Tebay Services, southbound M6 by Alex McGregor
NY5606 : The rocky summit of Crag Hill (1317') with its small cairn by John Darch
NY5703 : Fell ponies above Blackley Gill by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Railway at Scotchman's Bridge by Stuart Wilding
NY5904 : Bretherdale Hall by Michael Graham
NY5805 : Dry stone wall beside minor road north of High Whinhowe by Roger Templeman
NY5604 : Breasthigh Road by Peter McDermott
NY5605 : View down Bretherdale Bank by John Darch
NY5904 : Bretherdale Hall by Karl and Ali
NY5905 : Greenholme Village by Don Burgess
NY6005 : Ruined farmhouse at Raisbank by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Tebay East Services, Lake and View over Low Moor by David Dixon
NY5804 : Bretherdale by Michael Graham
NY5705 : Parrocks, Bretherdale by Karl and Ali
NY5505 : Hause Foot, Crookdale Bridge by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Icon of Distribution by Anthony O'Neil
NY5605 : Scalehow, a ruined farmhouse at the head of Bretherdale by Karl and Ali
NY5705 : Bretherdale Head by Peter McDermott
NY5806 : Ewelock Bank by Peter McDermott
NY5505 : Crookdale by JThomas
NY5606 : Crag Hill by David Brown
NY6005 : 12.30 Euston - Glasgow at Greenholme by The Carlisle Kid
NY5604 : Breasthigh Road by Michael Graham
NY5905 : He's behind you! by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Tebay Service Station by Gordon McKinlay
NY5705 : Ford, Bretherdale Head by Andrew Smith
NY5705 : Derelict farmhouse Bretherdale Head by Tom Richardson
NY5705 : Stone fireplace, abandoned farmhouse at Bretherdale Head by Karl and Ali
NY6006 : Total Service Station, Tebay by Martin Addison

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