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SD7592 : Grisedale Pike by John Illingworth
SD7795 : From Stubbing Rigg by Karl and Ali
SD7696 : Flue Scarth Nick by David Brown
SD7693 : East Scale, Grisedale by Karl and Ali
SD7996 : Wall angle viewed over The High Way by Roger Templeman
SD7794 : Ruined lime kiln, below Grisedale Brow by Christine Johnstone
SD7796 : Railway lines to Settle seen from Cotegill Bridge by Bikeboy
SD7493 : Rawthey Gill by Karl and Ali
SD7797 : The Settle-Carlisle Line at Mallerstang Common by Jeff Buck
SD7793 : Tree at the junction of two small becks, Grisedale by Christine Johnstone
SD7592 : Grisedale Pike by Roger Templeman
SD7494 : Rawthey Gill by Ray Woodcraft
SD7695 : Cairn on Swarth Fell Pike by Andy Waddington
SD7794 : Exposed peat on White Birks Common by Bill Boaden
SD7797 : Southbound train approaches B6289 bridge by John Firth
SD7594 : Sheepfold, Dover Gill by Karl and Ali
SD7797 : Ais Gill Viaduct by Ian S
SD7895 : Track from West End to Abbotside Common by Roger Templeman
SD7794 : Barn at Flust by Roger Templeman
SD7797 : Eden Valley fields by Christine Johnstone
SD7594 : Sheepfold Under Holmes Moss Hill by Michael Graham
SD7796 : Ais Gill Moor: southward at summit on B6259, 1991 by Ben Brooksbank
SD7695 : Trig point and cairn on Swarth Fell Pike by Roger Templeman
SD7894 : Carlisle train approaching Shotlock tunnel by The Carlisle Kid
SD7896 : Hellgill Farm by John Illingworth
SD7594 : Dover Gill Lower Cave entrance by Karl and Ali
SD7493 : Rawthey Gill by Karl and Ali
SD7695 : Summit, Swarth Fell Pike by Michael Graham
SD7796 : Carlisle bound train north of Ais Gill (1990) by The Carlisle Kid
SD7793 : Public footpath and track, Grisedale by Christine Johnstone
SD7694 : Disused lime kiln at the head of Grisedale by Karl and Ali
SD7796 : Hellgill Force by Andrew Smith
SD7995 : The High Way by David Brown
SD7797 : Ais Gill Viaduct by Peter Moore
SD7494 : Rawthey Gill Foot by David Brown
SD7693 : Stone bridge at East Scale by Karl and Ali
SD7796 : The Settle - Carlisle Railway looking south by Russel Wills
SD7695 : Tup Hole, Swarth Fell by Karl and Ali
SD7895 : Barn beside B6259 at Shaw Paddock by Roger Templeman
SD7996 : Old sheepfold by David Brown
SD7793 : Grisedale and its beck by Christine Johnstone
SD7692 : East Baugh Fell in the snow by Christine Johnstone
SD7796 : Southbound cement train from B6289 bridge by John Firth
SD7896 : Ford over the River Ure by Bill Boaden
SD7593 : Sheepfold, Cartmire Gill by Michael Graham
SD7797 : Looking down Mallerstang Common by Russel Wills
SD7493 : Swere Gill by Michael Graham
SD7896 : Looking down Hell Gill from the bridge by Ian Greig
SD7796 : Aisgill Moor from above Aisgill Moor Cottages by Tom Richardson
SD7592 : Grisedale Pike by John Illingworth
SD7797 : Viaduct, Aisgill by Andrew Smith
SD7894 : Roadkill on the B6259 by Christine Johnstone
SD7796 : Ais Gill Summit by Don Burgess
SD7796 : Aisgill Moor Cottages by George Robinson
SD7996 : Upper River Ure on Lunds Fell by Martin Thackeray
SD7894 : Shotlock Tunnel by John Illingworth

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