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SW4029 : Carn Euny, information sign by hayley green
SW4029 : Footpath to Caer Bran by Elizabeth Scott
SW4029 : Track to Carn Euny from the north by Humphrey Bolton
SW3930 : Radio station at Leswidden by Rod Allday
SW4029 : Ditch and rampart at Caer Bran hill fort by Rod Allday
SW3930 : Cock's Roost Farm by Tony Atkin
SW4029 : Lane junction & bus-stop at Grumbla by Row17
SW3929 : Bartinney Downs by Rude Health
SW4031 : Deveral Common by Rude Health
SW3931 : After the potato harvest by David Medcalf
SW4031 : Tregerest Methodist Chapel and graveyard by Sheila Russell
SW4031 : The B3318 approaching a junction with the A3071 by Philip Halling
SW3930 : Comms towers on the hill by Row17
SW3931 : Long derelict industrial workings at the former Leswidden China Clay Works by Aimee Walton
SW4029 : Farm buildings at Caer Bran Farm by David Medcalf
SW3931 : Potato Field by Rude Health
SW3930 : Hedge and scrub near Cock's Roost Farm by David Smith
SW4030 : Lane to Bosence Farm by Sheila Russell
SW4031 : Field at Higher Tregerest by Rod Allday
SW3931 : Flooded pit at the former Leswidden China Clay Works by Rod Allday
SW4029 : Misty Country Lane by Tony Atkin
SW3929 : Trig point on Bartinney Down by Richard Law
SW4031 : Guide Post - St Just or Pendeen by Adrian Dust
SW3931 : Higher Botrea farm by David Medcalf
SW3929 : Trig point within Bartine Castle, Bartinney Downs by Jim Champion
SW4030 : Modern Cairn On Tumulus On Deveral Common by Rude Health
SW4031 : Looking south west from Higher Tregerest by Rod Allday
SW4029 : Caer Brân hillfort by Andrew Curtis
SW4031 : Horses near the A3071 by David Medcalf
SW4030 : Bridleway leading to Botrea by Rod Allday
SW3931 : Remains of industrial buildings at Leswidden China Clay Works by Rod Allday
SW4031 : A3071 east of Jericho Farm by Stuart Logan
SW3929 : Field at Carn Glaze Farm by Rod Allday
SW4030 : Buildings at Botrea by David Medcalf
SW4029 : House at Grumbla by Elizabeth Scott
SW4031 : The A3071 by David Medcalf
SW3931 : Long derelict industrial workings, at the former Leswidden China Clay works by Aimee Walton
SW4029 : Track to Carn Euny at Higher Trevarthen by Humphrey Bolton
SW4029 : Caer Bran by Malcolm Kewn
SW3930 : Radio Mast at Leswidden by Sheila Russell
SW3929 : Bartinney Downs by Andrew Curtis
SW4029 : Unmetalled Road by Tony Atkin
SW3930 : Roadside stone near Leswidden Farm by Rod Allday
SW3929 : Trig point at Bartine Castle by Andrew Curtis
SW4030 : Spring hedgerow at Lower Grumbla by Rod Allday
SW4029 : Bridleway to Caer Bran by Tony Atkin
SW4029 : Bullocks below Caer Bran by Jim Champion
SW3929 : A well at the summit by Richard Law
SW3931 : Cornwall : Grassy Field & Mast by Lewis Clarke

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