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SW8556 : Green Lane near Pollamounter by Rob Farrow
SW8557 : Wheat field by Sheila Russell
SW8656 : Farmland near Mitchell by Philip Halling
SW8657 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW8757 : Silage bales in a field by Philip Halling
SW8556 : Road approaching Degembris by Philip Halling
SW8657 : Five miles out by Malcolm Kewn
SW8757 : Goonhoskyn by Anthony Jeffrey
SW8556 : Lane to Degembris by Rob Farrow
SW8657 : Road to Trerice from Tresillian by David Smith
SW8656 : A bend in the road. by Fred James
SW8657 : A cabbage field. by Fred James
SW8757 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW8556 : Degembris Ford by John Walton
SW8657 : Tresillian Cottage by A3058 by David Smith
SW8657 : Road Junction at Gummow’s Shop. by Fred James
SW8557 : Access road for Nancolleth by David Smith

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