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NY4112 : Nearly at the top of Hartsop Dodd by Bill Boaden
NY4013 : Start of footpath by Russel Wills
NY4113 : Cairn on Brock Crags by Phil Catterall
NY3911 : Hawthorns under Bell Knott by Michael Graham
NY4114 : Angle Tarn (Patterdale) by Peter S
NY4113 : Ascending Brock Crags by Michael Graham
NY4110 : Caudale Moor Tarn by David Brown
NY3811 : Stangs by Karl and Ali
NY4213 : Old Wall by Michael Graham
NY4213 : Looking towards Angle Tarn by Michael Graham
NY4213 : Buck Crag by David Purchase
NY4113 : Ascending Brock Crags by Michael Graham
NY4313 : Old Wall and Post by Michael Graham
NY4011 : Start of footpath to Scandale Pass by Russel Wills
NY4213 : Wall heading towards Brock Crags by Trevor Littlewood
NY4009 : Smithy Brow by Ian Greig
NY4212 : Hayeswater by Michael Graham
NY4212 : Hayeswater by Michael Graham
NY4011 : Brotherswater Inn by Mick Garratt
NY4210 : Herdwick Ram by Michael Graham
NY4013 : View Across Patterdale to Hartsop Fold by Mick Garratt
NY3910 : Caiston Beck by Michael Graham
NY4012 : Southern Shore of Brotherswater by Mick Garratt
NY4312 : Straits of Riggindale by Jim Barton
NY4013 : Hartsop and Lingy Crag by Mike Pennington
NY4111 : The top of Hartsop Dodd by Graham Robson
NY4211 : Fellside wall on Gray Crag by Tom Richardson
NY4413 : High Raise and Kidsty Pike by Karl and Ali
NY4314 : Deer forest by steven ruffles
NY4314 : Yewgrove Gill by Michael Graham
NY3912 : On the track to Hartsop Hall by Jim Barton
NY4114 : Angle Tarn from the east by Peter Bond
NY4013 : Cow Bridge by Nigel Brown
NY4313 : Rest Dodd by Mick Garratt
NY4012 : Permissive path to Brothers Water west side of A592 by Alexander P Kapp
NY4113 : Descending Brock Crags by Michael Graham
NY4110 : Embedded rocks at summit of Stony Cove Pike by Trevor Littlewood
NY4010 : On Rough Edge by Michael Graham
NY4114 : Angle Tarn by Michael Graham
NY4012 : Cumbria by Tom Courtney
NY4212 : Path climbing above Hayeswater by Graham Robson
NY4213 : Wall and Brock Crags by Tom Richardson
NY4211 : Sheepfold on Pasture Beck by Tom Richardson
NY4211 : Summit of Gray Crag by Shaun Ferguson
NY3911 : Hartsop Hall Mine by Mick Garratt
NY3810 : Pool west-north-west of Little Hart Crag by Trevor Littlewood
NY4010 : The north west ridge of Caudale Moor by Karl and Ali
NY4114 : Angle Tarn from the South Top of Angletarn Pikes by David Purchase
NY3912 : Descending off Gale Crag by Mick Garratt
NY4314 : Deer Forest and the Nab by David Brown
NY4013 : Outdoor Oven in Hartsop by John Charlton
NY3911 : Fell Runners in Dovedale by Chris Upson
NY4112 : Brotherswater over Hartsop by John Charlton
NY4013 : Hartsop from Cow Bridge by Jim Barton
NY4212 : Drumlins beside Hayeswater by Trevor Littlewood
NY4013 : Hartsop by Carl Bendelow
NY4012 : Beetham Cottage by Mick Garratt
NY4312 : Hayeswater Reservoir by Bob Tinley

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