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SD9130 : Black Hameldon towards Hoof Stones Height by John Slater
SD9229 : Disused dam, Noah Dale by Mark Anderson
SD9029 : Path up to Black Hameldon by Bill Boaden
SD9328 : A cold day on Dukes Cut by John Slater
SD9128 : Stiperden Bank by Kevin Rushton
SD9327 : Pole Hill DVOR by Mark Anderson
SD9129 : The Lancashire / Yorkshire boundary on Black Hameldon by Humphrey Bolton
SD9029 : Western side of boundary stone by Humphrey Bolton
SD9227 : Hawks Stones by Alex McGregor
SD9327 : Moorland off the Long Causeway by JThomas
SD9129 : Path down over Stiperden Moor by Bill Boaden
SD9227 : Hawks Stones by John Darch
SD9328 : Cross Clough by Humphrey Bolton
SD9130 : Black Hameldon - northern summit! by John Slater
SD9128 : Culvert under the Long Causeway by Bill Boaden
SD9227 : The western end of Redmires Dam by Humphrey Bolton
SD9127 : Track by Alex McGregor
SD9229 : Noah Dale Dam by John Illingworth
SD9129 : Bench mark on the triangulation pillar on Hoof Stones Height by Humphrey Bolton
SD9327 : Junction of Eastwood Road and Kebs Road, Raw Pole by Phil Champion
SD9227 : Cotton grass on peat amongst heather and rocks by Humphrey Bolton
SD9130 : Lancashire - Yorkshire county boundary fence on Black Hameldon by John Darch
SD9128 : National Cycle Route 68 by JThomas
SD9230 : Looking down Red Carr Clough by Chris Heaton
SD9127 : Mount Cross off Delf Lane by Alexander P Kapp
SD9327 : National Cycle Route 68 by JThomas
SD9229 : Remains of sheepfold, Heptonstall by Humphrey Bolton
SD9129 : Hoof Stones Height by Rude Health
SD9227 : The Sportsmans Arms, Keb Cote by Phil Champion
SD9029 : Ruinous wall on Crooker Hill by John Darch
SD9129 : Young tree on the moorland peat by Humphrey Bolton
SD9228 : Noah Dale Water by Mark Anderson
SD9128 : Gateway to Lancashire by Alexander P Kapp
SD9127 : Mount Lane by Kevin Rushton
SD9130 : Black Hameldon by Mark Anderson
SD9128 : Wolf Stones by Bill Boaden
SD9328 : Earnshaw Hole Farm by Alexander P Kapp
SD9327 : Junction of Eastwood Road with Kebs Road, Todmorden by Humphrey Bolton
SD9327 : Communications Mast, Dukes Cut by Alexander P Kapp
SD9227 : Old railway wagon by John Illingworth
SD9227 : Kebs Road by Alex McGregor
SD9029 : Moorland by Richard Spencer
SD9327 : Dukes Cut by Alexander P Kapp
SD9129 : Cotton grass in flower by Humphrey Bolton
SD9230 : Whinberry Stones, Heptonstall Moor, W Yorks by Rodney Burton
SD9127 : Grazing and small wind turbine, Upper Mount by JThomas
SD9130 : On the Black Hameldon Ridge by Chris Heaton
SD9129 : Rush Candle Clough by Humphrey Bolton
SD9227 : Bus on Kebs Road by JThomas
SD9228 : Lead Mine Clough, Blackshaw by Humphrey Bolton
SD9327 : Pole Hill D-VOR DME air traffic navigation beacon by Alexander P Kapp
SD9227 : Sportsmans Arms, Kebs Road by Mark Anderson
SD9128 : Boundary stream, Todmorden by Humphrey Bolton
SD9129 : Arrow Carved Into Rock, Hoof Stones Height by Mark Anderson
SD9227 : Hawks Stones by Phil Champion
SD9227 : The loo atop the stones by Nigel Lloyd

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