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NL9743 : Small farm building at Heylipol by Oliver Dixon
NL9643 : Heylipol church interior / Eaglais Heilleapoil by Tiger
NL9744 : Grassy moorland by Roger McLachlan
NL9743 : Single track road by Peter Mackenzie
NL9643 : Lochan near Heylipol Church by Oliver Dixon
NL9744 : Draining the moorland by Peter Mackenzie
NL9643 : Heylipol Church by Roger McLachlan
NL9744 : The B8068 by Gordon Hatton
NL9743 : Crofting land near Heylipol by Roger McLachlan
NL9643 : Tiree Parish Church, Heylipol by M J Richardson
NL9643 : Heylipol: red telephone box by Chris Downer
NL9643 : Heylipol Church, Tiree by Euan Nelson
NL9643 : Tiree Church of Scotland by Peter Mackenzie
NL9643 : Heylipol Church by Rude Health
NL9643 : Church of Scotland at Heylipol by M J Richardson

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