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NY3435 : Hillside above Calebreck Farm by David Purchase
NY3535 : Moorland south of Carrock Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NY3435 : Calebreck by David Brown
NY3436 : Farmland next to Pasture Lane by Andrew Smith
NY3334 : Small cairn above Rae Crags by Trevor Harris
NY3434 : Boulder under Carrock Fell by Michael Graham
NY3535 : Houses at High Row by Oliver Dixon
NY3435 : Carrock Beck Ford by Shaun Ferguson
NY3535 : Movable obstacle by Oliver Dixon
NY3435 : Windswept trees near Calebreck by Toby Speight
NY3534 : Moorland west of Bannest Hill by Trevor Littlewood
NY3535 : High Row by Helen Wilkinson
NY3435 : Carrock Beck by Peter McDermott
NY3534 : Under Carrock Fell by Michael Graham
NY3334 : The valley of Carrock Beck by Oliver Dixon
NY3436 : Hay meadow and sheep in pasture by Russel Wills
NY3435 : Track to High Pike by Michael Graham
NY3436 : Field adjacent to Pasture Lane by Trevor Littlewood
NY3435 : Bield on Howthwaite by Michael Graham
NY3535 : Houses at High Row by David Purchase
NY3534 : Passing Linewath by Shaun Ferguson
NY3436 : Pasture Lane by Peter McDermott
NY3436 : Copse beyond the pasture by Russel Wills
NY3535 : View towards High Row by Trevor Harris
NY3534 : A minor road junction north of Mosedale by David Purchase
NY3434 : Northern slope of Carrock Fell by Trevor Littlewood
NY3435 : Ford on the Carrock Beck by John Walton
NY3534 : Large rocks by Helen Wilkinson
NY3534 : Fell ponies at Mungrisdale by Ann Hodgson
NY3535 : High Row by Peter McDermott
NY3435 : Footpath junction above Carrock Beck by Trevor Harris
NY3335 : Rough road on south side of West Fell by Trevor Littlewood
NY3435 : Carrock Beck by Michael Graham
NY3535 : Track to Carrock Fell Youth Hostel in 1986 by John Baker
NY3435 : Ford and footbridge over the Carrock Beck by Russel Wills
NY3335 : Miners' path off Caldbeck Fells by Trevor Harris
NY3334 : Approaching Miton Hill from the east by Oliver Dixon
NY3335 : On Sunny Bank by Michael Graham
NY3534 : Looking towards Carrock Fell by Russel Wills
NY3535 : Bridge over a beck by mauldy
NY3436 : Country west of Pasture Lane by David Purchase
NY3435 : Bracken Heads by Peter McDermott
NY3435 : Ford through Carrock Beck by Andrew Smith
NY3535 : Looking towards High Row by Andrew Smith
NY3435 : Road near the ford over Carrock Beck by John Harrison
NY3335 : West Fell by David Brown
NY3534 : Linewath by Peter McDermott
NY3534 : Road near Linewath by Trevor Harris
NY3434 : Old shelter, Carrock Fell by Chris Eilbeck
NY3434 : Lower slopes of Carrock Fell by Trevor Harris
NY3534 : Fell pony by Andrew Smith
NY3535 : Carrock House by Tom Pennington
NY3334 : Leaping Carrock Beck by Oliver Dixon
NY3435 : Dales ponies by Helen Wilkinson

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