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NY3051 : Benchmark at 136.7ft on barn at Hardcake Hall by Matthew Hatton
NY2951 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket S8301 by Peter Wood
NY3052 : Heading north west into Wiggonby by JThomas
NY3051 : Minor road towards Wiggonby by JThomas
NY3051 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
NY3052 : Wiggonby House Farm by JThomas
NY2951 : Grassland with pylons by JThomas
NY3051 : Tidy Hedges. by John Holmes
NY2951 : Junction of Shaw Wood Lane with A596 at Shaw Rigg by Peter Wood
NY2951 : A596 towards Carlisle by JThomas
NY2951 : Cows lying down by Rose and Trev Clough
NY3052 : Winter cereals, Wiggonby by Richard Webb
NY3052 : Felled Hedge. by John Holmes
NY2951 : Multi junction. by John Holmes
NY3151 : Minor road towards Great Orton by JThomas
NY3051 : Road at Mid Whinnow Farm by Peter Wood
NY2951 : Peacock and other birds, Knoxwood wildlife centre by Rose and Trev Clough
NY3052 : Farm buildings, Ashleigh Farm by JThomas
NY3151 : Kale crop. by John Holmes
NY3052 : Bungalow, Ashleigh Farm by JThomas
NY3051 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
NY3051 : Farmhouse at Hardcakes Hall by Matthew Hatton
NY3051 : Beck. at High Whinnow. by John Holmes
NY3051 : Road junction at Hardcake Hall by Peter Wood
NY3052 : Holly House, Wiggonby by JThomas

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