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TG0800 : Drain near Low Farm by JThomas
TG0700 : Anglian Water Depot by Roger Gilbertson
TG0700 : Buck's Lane, Morley St Botolph by David Purchase
TG0700 : Buck's Lane, Morley St. Botolph by JThomas
TG0800 : Garage on Low Road by JThomas
TG0700 : A Big Puddle by Roger Gilbertson
TG0800 : The Road To Wymondham by Roger Gilbertson
TG0700 : Houses On The Hill by Roger Gilbertson
TG0800 : To Be Ploughed In by Roger Gilbertson
TG0800 : Low Road near Low Farm by JThomas
TG0800 : The Road To Highoak by Roger Gilbertson
TG0700 : Crop field, Morley St. Botolph by JThomas

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