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NS8167 : Caldercruix and Longriggend Parish Church by Jim Smillie
NS8167 : Bridge over a disused railway, Caldercruix by Richard Webb
NS8167 : Caldercruix railway station, Lanarkshire by Nigel Thompson
NS8166 : Annie's Hill by James Allan
NS8165 : Tipperdavie by Robert Murray
NS8166 : Moffat Hills Colliery by Richard Webb
NS8366 : Eastercroft Care Home, Caldercruix by paul birrell
NS8166 : Moffat Hills, top of the crops by Robert Murray
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir from the other side of the tracks by James Denham
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir, Spiers Island by Robert Murray
NS8167 : Caldercruix: new housing by Richard Webb
NS8267 : Hillend Reservoir, southern shore by Robert Murray
NS8365 : Black Hill by Richard Webb
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir by Jim Smillie
NS8167 : A Light and Life Mission Church near Caldercruix by James Denham
NS8366 : Airdrie Road (A89) by JThomas
NS8266 : Moffat Hills, standing rocks by Robert Murray
NS8267 : Post Millennium Mile Post by Richard Webb
NS8267 : Caldercruix Station by Richard Webb
NS8165 : Moffat Hills by Robert Murray
NS8367 : Milepost on Cycle route 75 near Caldercruix by paul birrell
NS8267 : Squeezed in path by Richard Webb
NS8267 : Hillend Reservoir, jetties by Robert Murray
NS8167 : Mixed train approaching Caldercruix by M J Richardson
NS8267 : Airdrie - Bathgate railway by Richard Webb
NS8366 : Nether Bracco, A89 bend by Robert Murray
NS8165 : Lochill by Robert Murray
NS8265 : Black Hill Trig Point by G Laird
NS8267 : Wavy C? by PeterJG1970
NS8266 : Moffat Hills, geological feature by Robert Murray
NS8266 : Summit of Drumfin by Robert Murray
NS8267 : A89 passing Caldercruix by Richard Webb
NS8366 : Grazing and wind turbines near Eastercorft House by JThomas
NS8167 : Double boundary by Robert Murray
NS8165 : Browns Burn by Richard Webb
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir, marker stone No. 60 by Robert Murray
NS8167 : Caldercruix Station by M J Richardson
NS8365 : Near Blackhill, North Lanarkshire by jester
NS8267 : Hillend, Airdrie to Bathgate railway by Robert Murray
NS8265 : Duntilland Road by Richard Webb
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir by Robert Murray
NS8165 : Browns Burn by Anne Burgess
NS8265 : Watch Moss by Robert Murray
NS8365 : Middle Bracco by Jim Smillie
NS8267 : Route75, Caldercruix by Richard Webb
NS8267 : Entrance to Hillend Quarry by JThomas
NS8365 : North east slope of Blackhill by Jim Smillie
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir by Robert Murray
NS8167 : Caldercruix by Richard Webb
NS8166 : Moffat Hills, myriad of random stones. by Robert Murray
NS8265 : Old pit bing by James Allan
NS8367 : Hillend Reservoir by Chris Upson
NS8266 : Alice Hill by Jim Smillie
NS8266 : Lily Loch by James Allan

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