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NS8663 : Hirst Farm by Anne Burgess
NS8563 : Forrest Road by Alex McGregor
NS8563 : Shottsburn Manse by Jim Smillie
NS8563 : Shotts Burn at Shottsburn by Jim Smillie
NS8564 : Bentfoot by Richard Webb
NS8564 : Looking towards Bentfoot from Papperthill Craigs by Alan O'Dowd
NS8564 : View to Bentfoot by Jim Smillie
NS8662 : Moorland between Harthill and Shotts by paul birrell
NS8563 : Kirk O'Shotts Transmitter by James T M Towill
NS8663 : Old Buildings at Hirst by Anne Burgess
NS8663 : Blairmains by Thomas Nugent
NS8762 : Bing from the Shotts road by Richard Webb
NS8563 : Well marked boundary by Jim Smillie
NS8564 : Dewshills Farm by James Allan
NS8564 : Old industrial building by Richard Webb
NS8662 : Converging dykes by Jim Smillie
NS8762 : Forest track by Jim Smillie
NS8563 : Television transmitter by Richard Webb
NS8664 : Monklands Sporting Car Club by Richard Webb
NS8762 : Gate, Shotts Road by Richard Webb
NS8763 : M8 westbound by Alex McGregor
NS8563 : Dewshill, view west by Robert Murray
NS8665 : Forrestdyke Farm (derelict) by Robert Murray
NS8662 : Mossland near Fortisset Road by Jim Smillie
NS8764 : Aerogenerators beside the M8 near Eastfield by Mike Pennington
NS8664 : Forrestburn Reservoir by Mike Pennington
NS8563 : Transmitter at Kirk of Shotts by Mike Pennington
NS8762 : Bridge over the River Almond by G Laird
NS8662 : Fortisset Road by Richard Webb
NS8563 : M8 eastbound about to pass under Forrest Road by Colin Pyle
NS8762 : T-junction on the Shotts Road by James Allan
NS8764 : Blairmuckhole Farm & BTS by Raymond Okonski
NS8762 : Shotts Road by Jim Smillie
NS8764 : Blairmuckhole Woodland by Richard Webb
NS8664 : Wind turbines by the M8 motorway by Thomas Nugent
NS8663 : Old Barn at Hirst by Anne Burgess
NS8563 : TV transmitter by James Allan
NS8563 : M8 looking west by Alex McGregor
NS8563 : Dewshill Cottages by Jim Smillie
NS8662 : Dry stane dykes by Jim Smillie
NS8763 : M8 at Junction 5 by G Laird
NS8664 : Forrestburn Reservoir by Mike Pennington
NS8663 : Byre at Hirst by Anne Burgess
NS8664 : Forrestburn Reservoir by Thomas Nugent
NS8563 : TV mast by Alex McGregor
NS8762 : Road ahead closed by Jim Smillie
NS8663 : Hirst Road (B7066) by G Laird
NS8764 : Blairmuckhole Woodland by Richard Webb
NS8563 : TV transmitters near Kirk of Shotts by M J Richardson
NS8664 : Forrestburn Reservoir by James Allan
NS8764 : Blairmuckhole Farm, Harthill by paul birrell
NS8564 : Old quarry by Jim Smillie
NS8763 : Hassockrigg by Richard Webb
NS8663 : Tryst road by James Allan
NS8564 : Coal bing: Dewshill colliery by Jim Smillie

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