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ST6569 : The chimney in the Avon by Neil Owen
ST6770 : Field near Cullyhall Farm by Derek Harper
ST6669 : A Keynsham scrapyard by Jaggery
ST6670 : Green for the coal drams by Neil Owen
ST6568 : Railway Bridge over the River Chew by David Martin
ST6469 : It's mine! Get off! by Neil Owen
ST6568 : Keynsham railway station by Jaggery
ST6368 : Stockwood Vale fields by James Ayres
ST6668 : Factory by the railway by N Chadwick
ST6569 : Cadburyâs Chocolate Factory by Rick Crowley
ST6367 : Queen Charlton (Somerset) St Margaret's Church by ChurchCrawler
ST6670 : Queens Head, Willsbridge by Rick Crowley
ST6470 : A4174 crossing the River Avon, near Hanham by Martyn Pattison
ST6568 : Keynsham Victorian Evening by Neil Owen
ST6567 : A minor obstruction by Neil Owen
ST6670 : Jenny's Tack Shop, Willsbridge by Jaggery
ST6667 : 2009 : Medway Drive, Keynsham by Maurice Pullin
ST6570 : Bath Road at its junction with Long Beach Road by Bill Boaden
ST6469 : Looking over a field towards the River Avon by Steve Daniels
ST6566 : Chewton Place by Neil Owen
ST6667 : 2009 : Manor Road Playing Field, Keynsham by Maurice Pullin
ST6568 : Keynsham Baptist Church by David Hillas
ST6668 : Port Avon Marina, Keynsham by Pierre Terre
ST6568 : Old fashioned fun by Neil Owen
ST6767 : Saltford: red telephone box by Chris Downer
ST6368 : The ford on Coalpit Lane BOAT by James Ayres
ST6469 : In the cause of floral pride by Neil Owen
ST6570 : River Avon between Cleeve Wood and Keysham Hams by Christine Johnstone
ST6668 : 2010 : Playing fields east of Keynsham by Maurice Pullin
ST6568 : The Trout Tavern, Keynsham by John Lord
ST6666 : 2009 : Eastover Farm from Courtenay Road by Maurice Pullin
ST6566 : Wooden footbridge by Neil Owen
ST6770 : Bitton Station Yard by David Roberts
ST6367 : To Charlton Bottom by Neil Owen
ST6470 : Crossing Abbots Road by Neil Owen
ST6670 : Willsbridge Mill by Rick Crowley
ST6470 : A line of wood and flowers by Neil Owen
ST6666 : Cadbury Way, Keynsham by Roger Cornfoot
ST6467 : For top cats or alley cats by Neil Owen
ST6568 : Western approach to the Avon Bridge, Keynsham by Jaggery
ST6566 : Why it's unsuitable by Neil Owen
ST6770 : Access road to Bitton railway station by Jaggery
ST6470 : Tourist boat, Hanham mills by Pierre Terre
ST6467 : Local shopping parade by Peter Goodwin
ST6766 : 2010 : Sign for Manor Lawns , Saltford by Maurice Pullin
ST6568 : Growing taller by Neil Owen
ST6670 : Wood Anemone above the Siston Brook by Neil Owen
ST6367 : Village hall by Neil Owen
ST6668 : World's End Lane, Keynsham by John Lord
ST6467 : 2010 : Suburban Keynsham by Maurice Pullin
ST6470 : The Chequers, Hanham Mills by Pierre Terre
ST6569 : Cadburys chocolate factory at Somerdale by Martyn Pattison
ST6568 : Keynsham High Street by Roger Cornfoot
ST6568 : St John's Church Keynsham by Martyn Pattison
ST6769 : 2009 : River Boyd from the A431 at Bitton by Maurice Pullin
ST6568 : Keynsham Abbey (Remains) by Rick Crowley
ST6469 : The Old Lock & Weir pub on the River Avon hear Hanham by Martyn Pattison

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