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SP4811 : Stonehouse Farm from A44 Woodstock Road by Roger Templeman
SP4715 : G-CHSU by Richard Smith
SP4915 : Oxford Greenbelt Way at Hampton Poyle by Des Blenkinsopp
SP4914 : High Street, Kidlington by Alan Hunt
SP5015 : Road side shed, Hampton Poyle by Michael Trolove
SP5012 : Northbound A34, Layby near Gosford by David Dixon
SP4914 : Kidlington clock tower by Alan Hunt
SP5013 : Oxford Green Belt Way by Shaun Ferguson
SP4812 : Arable farming by Alan Hunt
SP4714 : CH47 by Richard Smith
SP4814 : Lyne Road, Kidlington by Des Blenkinsopp
SP4711 : St Bartholomew, Yarnton, Oxon - Pulpit by John Salmon
SP4914 : The Six Bells on Mill Street by Steve Daniels
SP4913 : Semi-detached houses on Oxford Road by Roger Templeman
SP4711 : The remains of the cross in St Bartholomew's Churchyard by Steve Daniels
SP4914 : Churchyard of St Mary's Kidlington by Sarah Charlesworth
SP4912 : Bench by the towpath by Steve Daniels
SP4714 : Oxford Airport by Steve Daniels
SP5013 : River Cherwell at Gosford Bridge by Des Blenkinsopp
SP4711 : Path to St Bartholomew's Church by Steve Daniels
SP4912 : Overflow sluice at Kidlington Green Lock by Steve Daniels
SP5012 : Litter bins by the lay-by on the A34 by Steve Daniels
SP4914 : Six Bells (2) - sign, 70 Mill Street, Kidlington by P L Chadwick
SP5014 : A34 south of Field Barn Farm by Stuart Logan
SP4714 : Security gate in Evenlode Crescent by Steve Daniels
SP4913 : Yarnton Court, Yarnton Road by Roger Templeman
SP5011 : Oxford Parkway Park&Ride terminal by David Kemp
SP5014 : Bridge over the Cherwell by Des Blenkinsopp
SP4712 : The Garth, Yarnton by Des Blenkinsopp
SP4713 : A44 - route confirmatory sign north of Yarnton by Peter Whatley
SP4912 : Kidlington Green Lock bypass channel by Alan Hunt
SP4815 : The Boat Inn, Thrupp by Andrew Hackney
SP4715 : Thames Valley Police HQ North by Des Blenkinsopp
SP5115 : The A34 by Hampton Gorse by Steve Daniels
SP4915 : Detail at side of door by Michael
SP5015 : Road Junction in Hampton Poyle by Sarah Charlesworth
SP4913 : Houses by the Oxford Canal by Steve Daniels
SP4711 : Yarnton, St. Bartholomew's Church: Detail of face on c1400 font by Michael Garlick
SP5014 : Oxford Green Belt Way by Shaun Ferguson
SP5011 : Entrance to the Water Eaton Park-and-Ride by Sarah Charlesworth
SP4711 : Cassington Road at the approach to Yarnton by Roger Templeman
SP4813 : Andersons Close, Kidlington by Richard Vince
SP5115 : Layby at Hampton Gorse by David Dixon
SP4715 : Light Aircraft by Richard Smith
SP5013 : Field by Gosford Farm by Steve Daniels
SP5014 : Kidlington Road bridge over A34 by David Smith
SP4711 : Yarnton, St. Bartholomew's Church: Memorial to Sir William and Mary Spencer in the Spencer Chapel 3 by Michael Garlick
SP4912 : Bus on Oxford Road, Kidlington by Richard Vince
SP4715 : Elsevier headquarters building by Jonathan Billinger
SP5112 : Arable land by a small wood near Water Eaton by Steve Daniels
SP4715 : Airwolf? by Richard Smith
SP5011 : Water Eaton Park and Ride by Jon S
SP4914 : Old Kidlington Village by Andrew Chapman
SP5112 : Water Eaton Manor by David Hawgood
SP4715 : Global Express Cockpit by Richard Smith
SP5011 : Disused grain silo at Water Eaton by Sarah Charlesworth
SP4815 : The Jolly Boatman Pub, Thrupp by canalandriversidepubs co uk
SP4815 : The Boat Inn Pub, Thrupp by canalandriversidepubs co uk

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