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NY7507 : Fenced field, west of Wiseber Hill by Christine Johnstone
NY7808 : Where's the bridge gone? by Christine Johnstone
NY7606 : Dry stone walls beside A685 east of Kirkby Stephen station by Roger Templeman
NY7906 : Ladthwaite by Ian Taylor
NY7609 : Lane junction by Bill Boaden
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen Station by John Charlton
NY7707 : Stenkrith & Millennium Bridges by Ian Taylor
NY7708 : Boar tusk, Kirkby Stephen Church by Karl and Ali
NY7506 : Winter tree and molehills by Christine Johnstone
NY7606 : Leyland Lion Near Kirkby Stephen Station by James T M Towill
NY7606 : Signal box near Kirkby Stephen Railway Station by JThomas
NY7707 : Platelayers hut on former railway by Christine Johnstone
NY7806 : Lockthwaite by Bill Boaden
NY7706 : 'Thringill' beside B6259 by Roger Templeman
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen by David Oxtaby
NY7709 : The path to Frank's Bridge by Karl and Ali
NY7507 : Broken down drystone wall, west of Wiseber Hill by Christine Johnstone
NY7808 : Hartley Quarry by Oliver Dixon
NY7608 : Footpath with trees by Stephen Craven
NY7706 : Black Bull Inn, Nateby by David Brown
NY7708 : Frank's Bridge by Mick Garratt
NY7910 : Winton to Rookby road by peter goddard
NY7706 : AA village sign on the wall of Nateby Inn by Graham Hogg
NY7807 : Kirkby Stephen parrot trail by Stephen Craven
NY7507 : The Tornado by James Johnstone
NY7906 : Birkett Hill by John Illingworth
NY7507 : A dry declivity by Bill Boaden
NY7708 : Eden Outdoors, Kirkby Stephen by Kenneth  Allen
NY7708 : Kirkby Stephen Youth Hostel by David Dixon
NY7806 : Traces of old quarries by Stephen Craven
NY7608 : Sandwath Sike by Alexander P Kapp
NY7710 : River Eden from Eastfield Bridge by David Brown
NY7706 : B6259 approaching Nateby from the south by Roger Templeman
NY7606 : AEC Reliance Climbing Up The A685 by James T M Towill
NY7808 : Remains of signalbox and permanent way hut beside former railway by Roger Templeman
NY7510 : Farm buildings by Scandal Beck, Soulby by Andrew Curtis
NY7708 : War Memorial, Kirkby Stephen by wfmillar
NY7507 : Settle to Carlisle line near Kirkby Stephen station by David Brown
NY7906 : Birkett Hill by Ian Taylor
NY7606 : Farm track and bridleway near Nateby by Graham Hogg
NY7709 : Lorry Park? by John Darch
NY7909 : Dismantled railway near Whingill by David Brown
NY7809 : Hartley Beck by Stephen Craven
NY7706 : Gradient warning at Rakehead by Stephen Craven
NY7708 : Stepping stones over the River Eden by Stephen Craven
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen Station by David Rogers
NY7807 : View from the Podgill Viaduct by Graham Hogg
NY7708 : Market Square shelter (tablet) by George Robinson
NY7806 : Lockthwaite from the east by Stephen Craven
NY7606 : Pill box by John Illingworth
NY7607 : Kirkby Stephen East Railway by Alan Usher
NY7708 : Kirkby Stephen by Carl Bendelow
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen station: bridge (2) by Stephen Craven
NY7708 : Intensive sheep farming near Hartley by Stephen Craven
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen station: signal box and goods shed by Stephen Craven
NY7607 : Stainmore Railway: footbridge by Stephen Craven
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen West Signal Cabin by Wilson Adams
NY7708 : The Loki Stone, Kirkby Stephen Church by Karl and Ali

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