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SJ3519 : Drive to Acksea Farm by Row17
SJ3520 : This way to Acksea Farm by Row17
SJ3520 : Junction with MOD track by Row17
SJ3520 : Approaching turning to Plasau by John Firth
SJ3620 : Sugarbeet on Bullmoor by John Haynes
SJ3520 : Not OTT security by Row17
SJ3519 : Cattle grid on MOD track by Row17
SJ3519 : Further down the drive to Acksea Farm by Row17
SJ3520 : You have been warned! by Row17
SJ3620 : Sugarbeet as far as the eye can see by John Haynes
SJ3520 : Farm boy! get those bales in line by John Haynes
SJ3520 : Road to Plasau, Knockin Heath by Alex McGregor

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