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SW4422 : Rocks below the Tater-du lighthouse by David Lally
SW4424 : Lamorna Wink public house by Pauline E
SW4523 : Waymarks on the cliff top by Pauline E
SW4423 : Tater-du Lighthouse by Chris Andrews
SW4423 : Tater-du lighthouse and coastline to the north-east by Maurice D Budden
SW4324 : Replica cup-marked rock, Tregiffian Burial Chamber by Andrew Curtis
SW4523 : Carn Watch by Andrew Curtis
SW4423 : Tater-du lighthouse by Rod Allday
SW4523 : Carn-du and Lamorna Cove by Sheila Russell
SW4324 : Holed Stone Gatepost by Michael Murray
SW4324 : Merry Maidens Stone Circle in 1961 by John Baker
SW4423 : The coast path near Carn Barges by David Medcalf
SW4324 : Tregiffian Burial Chamber by Rod Allday
SW4523 : Lamorna Cove by Lee Holmes
SW4523 : Carn Mellyn by David Lally
SW4523 : Carn-du by Trevor Rickard
SW4422 : Waves  breaking  on  the  rocks  below  Tater-du  lighthouse by Martin Dawes
SW4424 : Menwinnion, Lamorna by Rod Allday
SW4324 : Tregiffian Burial Chamber by Chris Andrews
SW4423 : Monument near Lamorna Point by Tim Heaton
SW4423 : Rocks at Tater-du by Row17
SW4423 : The Minack Chronicles and Oliver Land by linda hartley
SW4423 : Rock above Carn Barges by Philip Halling
SW4324 : The Treffigan burial chamber, near Boleigh and Lamorna by pam fray
SW4324 : Tregiffian Burial Chamber by Maigheach-gheal
SW4423 : Carn Barges by ron layters
SW4424 : Bridle path near Lamorna by David Medcalf
SW4324 : The leaning Piper by David Medcalf
SW4424 : The Lamorna Wink Pub by Bill Henderson
SW4523 : South West Coast Path approaching Lamorna Cove by Pauline E
SW4324 : The Merry Maidens by Rod Allday
SW4424 : Keymel Mill, Lamorna, Cornwall by Dr Neil Clifton
SW4324 : Information panel at Tregiffian Burial Chamber by David Medcalf
SW4422 : Inner Bucks and Outer Bucks rocks by Rod Allday
SW4324 : Field of young maize near Boleigh Farm by Rod Allday
SW4423 : Cornish Sunset by Ms Dixon
SW4423 : Tater-du Lighthouse by Roy Hughes
SW4423 : Tater Du lighthouse - West Cornwall by Richard Knights
SW4523 : Stop and rest a while at Carn-du by Pauline E
SW4424 : Sharp bend at Bossava by Pauline E
SW4324 : Merry Maidens by Maigheach-gheal
SW4424 : The entrance to Menwinnion Residential Home by David Medcalf
SW4424 : View down Lamorna Valley towards the cove by Rod Allday
SW4324 : Merry Maidens by Phil Windley
SW4324 : Tregiffian Burial Chamber by Maigheach-gheal
SW4423 : Tater-du Lighthouse by Philip Halling
SW4423 : The Coast and Tater Du by Roy Hughes
SW4324 : The B3315 by Robert Ashby
SW4422 : Rocks below Tater-du by Sheila Russell
SW4324 : The Merry Maidens, near Boleigh by pam fray
SW4424 : Lamorna Cove Cafe by Tim Heaton
SW4423 : Daffodils near Dorminack by Sheila Russell
SW4424 : Paul: Kemyel Mill, Lamorna by Martin Bodman
SW4324 : Merry Maidens Stone Circle by Paul Allison
SW4423 : Field near Dorminack by Rod Allday

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