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NY5439 : Lazonby and Kirkoswald station by Chris Morgan
NY5439 : 158849 heading for Carlisle by Peter Moore
NY5439 : St Nicholas Church by Peter McDermott
NY5340 : Track by Alexander P Kapp
NY5439 : Benchmark on 'Fernbank', Scarrows Lane by Roger Templeman
NY5439 : Methodist Chapel by Howard Quinn
NY5238 : Woodland and quarry entrance by Keith Wright
NY5339 : Brackenbank Country House by Chris Upson
NY5439 : Lazonby station, 2000 by Ben Brooksbank
NY5239 : Quarry face by Stephen Darlington
NY5338 : Road above Lazonby by Andrew Smith
NY5539 : River Eden Lazonby by Howard Quinn
NY5439 : War Memorial and Churchyard, Lazonby by Trevor Harris
NY5340 : Pasture, Lazonby by Andrew Smith
NY5340 : Bargeat Wath Plantation by Alexander P Kapp
NY5440 : Fields north of Lazonby by Oliver Dixon
NY5438 : Scalehill Farm by Chris Upson
NY5239 : Cragg Nook Quarry by Stephen Darlington
NY5439 : Parish Church of St Nicholas, Lazonby - June 2017 (2) by The Carlisle Kid
NY5338 : Crossroads on Lazonby to Plumpton Road by Chris Upson
NY5438 : Scalehill by Peter McDermott
NY5240 : Access Road by Alexander P Kapp
NY5339 : Minor road into Lazonby by Roger Templeman
NY5140 : Gateway by Alexander P Kapp
NY5439 : St Nicholas church, Lazonby by Chris Morgan
NY5539 : 'The Fellsman' steam excursion at Lazonby by Greg Fitchett
NY5439 : 'Fernbank', with extension on its NW face, Scarrows Lane by Roger Templeman
NY5239 : Woodland Clearing by Keith Wright
NY5440 : Country north of Lazonby by David Purchase
NY5439 : St Nicholas' Church, Lazonby by Trevor Harris
NY5439 : Parish Church, Lazonby by David Brown
NY5439 : Lazonby morning glow by Stuart St John
NY5439 : Benchmark on gatepost beside B6413 by Roger Templeman
NY5439 : Lazonby by Peter McDermott
NY5338 : Forestry track, Lazonby by Trevor Harris
NY5438 : Scalehill by Peter McDermott
NY5440 : Field path off Fiddler's Lane, Lazonby by David Brown
NY5539 : Rough grazing and woodland by JThomas
NY5338 : Sale Hill by Peter McDermott
NY5538 : Farm road to Eden Lacy by Keith Wright
NY5438 : BT building beside B6413 by Roger Templeman
NY5439 : The Old School, Lazonby by Trevor Harris
NY5439 : White House, Town Head, Lazonby by Trevor Harris
NY5439 : St Nicholas Church of England Church by Howard Quinn
NY5440 : Fiddlers Lane by Roger Templeman
NY5440 : Field off Fiddlers Lane by JThomas
NY5539 : Trees growing in the River Eden by Bill Boaden
NY5439 : Wesleyan Methodist Chapel by Roger Templeman
NY5538 : Stubble field near Lazonby by JThomas
NY5439 : Three carved wooden bears at Lazonby by Barry Boxer
NY5439 : Lazonby Fire Station by Howard Quinn
NY5439 : Lazonby Railway Station by Chris Upson
NY5539 : The Joiners Arms, Lazonby by Trevor Harris
NY5539 : A lovely winter's day by the Eden south of Lazonby Bridge by Keith Wright
NY5439 : Midland Hotel by Howard Quinn
NY5440 : Railway near Lazonby by Andrew Smith

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