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SE0432 : Thornton Moor by Chris Wimbush
SE0433 : Redundant gateposts above Leeming Reservoir by John Darch
SE0433 : Gate on Hambleton Lane by Humphrey Bolton
SE0432 : Hambleton Top by Paul Glazzard
SE0434 : Have a guess as to what it maybe? by Alexander P Kapp
SE0433 : Trees at High Fold, Sawood Lane by Humphrey Bolton
SE0433 : Coblin Farm from Sawood Lane by michael ely
SE0433 : Sawood Lane at the site of High Fold by Humphrey Bolton
SE0434 : Whinney Hill Farm by Chris Heaton
SE0433 : Hambleton Lane by John Slater
SE0433 : Curious sheep at High Fold by Humphrey Bolton
SE0434 : Leeming, West Yorkshire by Chris Allen
SE0432 : Above Ogden Water, Halifax by Janet Lute
SE0434 : Dog & Gun public house by John Slater
SE0434 : Waterside Mill, Leeming by Alexander P Kapp
SE0432 : Track and mound, Sawood Moss by Humphrey Bolton
SE0433 : Up and Over on the Bronte Way by Des Blenkinsopp
SE0434 : Leeming - Old Graveyard by Malcolm Street
SE0434 : Whinny Hill, Denholme by Paul Glazzard
SE0434 : Height Lane by Des Blenkinsopp
SE0432 : Disused delph at the edge of Ovenden Moor by John Illingworth
SE0433 : Air shaft from Sawood Lane, Thornton Moor. by Rob Bainbridge
SE0432 : Fencing on Thornton Moor by Chris Heaton
SE0433 : Catchment channel near Stony Hill Clough by David Spencer
SE0434 : Dog and Gun Sawood by SMJ
SE0434 : Old-fashioned garage at Leeming by Humphrey Bolton
SE0433 : Boundary wall near Hambleton Lane by Philip Barker
SE0434 : Leeming Reservoir by Paul Glazzard
SE0432 : Hambleton Lane, Sawood Moss by Nigel Homer
SE0432 : Catching the water from Great Clough by Gordon Hatton
SE0434 : Chimney, Waterside Mill by Alexander P Kapp
SE0434 : Trough Lane, Denholme by Humphrey Bolton
SE0434 : Garage, Leeming by Alexander P Kapp
SE0433 : Hambleton Lane, Oxenhope by Humphrey Bolton
SE0433 : Sawood Lane by Humphrey Bolton
SE0434 : Farm and Fields, Whinny Hill Foot by Des Blenkinsopp
SE0434 : Horkinstone Baptist Old Burial Ground 2 by Des Blenkinsopp
SE0434 : Black Moor Road near to Grange Farm by Peter Wood
SE0433 : Towards Leeming Reservoir by Chris Wimbush
SE0433 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
SE0433 : Dol Clough Springs by Paul Glazzard
SE0434 : Leeming Reservoir by John Illingworth
SE0434 : Not much water left by John Darch
SE0434 : Dog and Gun, Sawood by michael ely
SE0433 : Grooved track by John Illingworth
SE0433 : Cobling Farm by Christine Johnstone
SE0433 : Supposedly the Bronte Way by Des Blenkinsopp
SE0434 : Sykeside, Leeming by Alexander P Kapp
SE0432 : Bridleway on Thornton Moor by Chris Heaton
SE0433 : Track on Delf Hill by Chris Heaton
SE0434 : A dam close run thing by David Spencer

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