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SK5804 : Leicester: Belvoir Street Chapel by John Sutton
SK5803 : Rowing on the Grand Union Canal by Mat Fascione
SK5804 : A594, Ring road by N Chadwick
SK5606 : Tree lined driveway at Gilroes Cemetery by Mat Fascione
SK5806 : Rockets inside the National Space Centre by Mat Fascione
SK5903 : Sculpture outside De Montfort Hall, Leicester by Mat Fascione
SK5905 : Third week of the Belgrave Flyover demolition by Mat Fascione
SK5705 : Fosse Road North by Mat Fascione
SK5702 : Freeman's Lock No 41 on the Grand Union Canal by Mat Fascione
SK5903 : New Walk Vicinity, Leicester LE1 by David Hallam-Jones
SK5803 : Lineker Road in Leicester by Mat Fascione
SK5705 : The Woodgate area of Leicester by Mat Fascione
SK6002 : Clarendon Park Road Vicinity, Leicester by David Hallam-Jones
SK5706 : Lower reaches of Snow Hill by Andrew Tatlow
SK5702 : Footbridge 108C across the River Biam by Mat Fascione
SK5904 : Leicester station - street frontage by Robin Webster
SK5802 : Large tree at The Raw Dykes by Mat Fascione
SK5903 : Infill development by Bob Harvey
SK5804 : Rowers on the 'Mile Straight' by Mat Fascione
SK5906 : St Alban's Weymouth Street by Andrew Tatlow
SK6004 : Service station on East Park Road by JThomas
SK5805 : Abbey House, Abbey Street, Leicester by Stephen Richards
SK5704 : King Richards Road, Leicester (A47) by JThomas
SK5706 : Housing off Anstey Lane by Kate Jewell
SK5806 : Cycle Route 6 past the National Space Centre, Leicester by Tim Heaton
SK5904 : Blunts Shoes and Granby Street, Leicester by Malc McDonald
SK5804 : The former Black Boy public house by Mat Fascione
SK5606 : Leicester Crematorium by Bilbo
SK5806 : Abbey Pumping Station - narrow gauge railway. by Chris Allen
SK5904 : The Musician by Andrew Tatlow
SK5704 : Friars Mill Regeneration Project by Mat Fascione
SK5804 : Gravestones at the Church of St Mary de Castro by Mat Fascione
SK5806 : Abbey Pumping Station - Beam Engines by Ashley Dace
SK5904 : Bell Lane signalbox, Leicester 1979 by Peter Whatley
SK5602 : Bus at Peverel Road terminus, Braunstone by Richard Vince
SK6003 : Sandicliffe garage in Leicester by Dave Thompson
SK5703 : Leicester Marathon, Bede Park by Stephen McKay
SK5806 : Abbey Pumping Station by Alan Murray-Rust
SK5706 : The upper reaches of Snow Hill by Andrew Tatlow
SK5802 : Top Floor of Leicester Gas Museum by Ashley Dace
SK5905 : Benchmark on #31 Brandon Street by Roger Templeman
SK6004 : Spinney Hills Park, Leicester by JThomas
SK5604 : Westfield Road in Leicester by Mat Fascione
SK5804 : Church of St Mary de Castro and Castle Gardens by Mat Fascione
SK5904 : Detail of 78-80 Rutland Street, Leicester by Stephen Richards
SK5803 : Leicester-Hazel Primary School and Community Centre by Ian Rob
SK5906 : The Golden Mile by Richard Croft
SK5702 : Saffron Brook and the Twelve Arches Railway Bridge by Mat Fascione
SK6004 : Post Office and shops by JThomas
SK5705 : Footpath and tree along Groby Road by Mat Fascione
SK5906 : Diwali lights, Belgrave Road, Leicester by Kate Jewell
SK5904 : Leicester Station by Martin Addison
SK6004 : Spinney Hill Park, Leicester by Kate Jewell
SK5902 : Shree Geeta Bhavan Temple & Hindu Community Centre (2), 70 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester by P L Chadwick
SK5603 : Fullhurst Community College, Leicester by tony ellis
SK5606 : The main entrance to Gilroes Cemetery on Groby Road, Leicester. by Mat Fascione
SK5802 : Freeman's Meadow Power Station, Leicester by Dr Neil Clifton
SK5903 : War Memorial, Victoria Park, Leicester by David Roberts

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