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SW5438 : Golf course above Porth Kidney Sands by David Medcalf
SW5437 : Train Passing Lelant Station by Tony Atkin
SW5438 : View across the mouth of River Hayle by Peter Jemmett
SW5436 : B3301 passes The Old Quay House by Stuart Logan
SW5437 : Hayle Estuary Nature Reserve by Rod Allday
SW5436 : Hayle : Griggs Hill by Lewis Clarke
SW5337 : Penwith : St Ives Road by Lewis Clarke
SW5436 : Commemorative stone, Hayle Estuary Reserve by Pauline E
SW5436 : Lelant : Nut Hill Roundabout by Lewis Clarke
SW5436 : A view across Lelant Saltings by Mari Buckley
SW5337 : Trevethoe Barton : Farm Buildings by Lewis Clarke
SW5437 : Lelant railway station The Saltings by Paul Best
SW5437 : Children's playground in Lelant in the late seventies by John Rostron
SW5436 : Lagoon off the Hayle Estuary by JThomas
SW5438 : Dunes and sands by Jonathan Billinger
SW5436 : Lelant Saltings by Raymond Cubberley
SW5438 : Hayle Estuary June 1985 by Roy Hughes
SW5436 : Lelant saltings by AlastairG
SW5436 : Railway Bridge, Hayle by Pauline E
SW5438 : Penwith : Cornish Coastline by Lewis Clarke
SW5437 : Grayeyard, Lelant by Nigel Thompson
SW5437 : Pill Box on Lelant Towans by Tony Atkin
SW5436 : The Saltings From Lelant Saltings Station 2000 by Roy Hughes
SW5337 : Penwith : St Ives Road by Lewis Clarke
SW5436 : Lake by the Hayle Estuary by N Chadwick
SW5436 : Approaching roundabout for St Ives by John Firth
SW5437 : Lelant railway station, Cornwall by Nigel Thompson
SW5438 : The South West Coast Path behind Porthkidney Sands by Bill Boaden
SW5337 : Single storey building by A3074 in Trenoweth by David Smith
SW5438 : Penwith : Coastline at Hayle by Lewis Clarke
SW5437 : Lelant : Tyringham Place by Lewis Clarke
SW5437 : Lelant : Railway Bridge & Path by Lewis Clarke
SW5436 : Railway towards St Ives by JThomas
SW5438 : Hayle Estuary by Graham Horn
SW5437 : Lelant Church by Tony Atkin
SW5436 : Lelant : Lelant Saltings Station by Lewis Clarke
SW5437 : Lelant railway station by Bill Boaden
SW5438 : Penwith : First Great Western Train by Lewis Clarke
SW5337 : Penwith : St Ives Road Pavement by Lewis Clarke
SW5337 : Plasticulture in fields between Lelant and Carbis Bay by Rod Allday
SW5436 : Lelant : The Saltings by Lewis Clarke
SW5436 : Lelant Saltings station foreshore by Steve Harvey
SW5438 : Penwith : West Cornwall Golf Club by Lewis Clarke
SW5436 : The Old Quay House, Griggs Quay by JThomas
SW5437 : Lelant : Lelant Cemetery by Lewis Clarke
SW5438 : Penwith : West Cornwall Golf Club by Lewis Clarke
SW5337 : Penwith : St Ives Road by Lewis Clarke
SW5437 : The Hayle Estuary by Jonathan Billinger
SW5436 : Upper Hayle estuary from Paradise Park bird garden by John Rostron
SW5436 : Lelant : Hayle Estuary by Lewis Clarke
SW5438 : Porth Kidney Sands by Joe Pritchard
SW5436 : From Lelant Saltings, 1981 by Crispin Purdye
SW5438 : Porth Kidney beach by Tim
SW5436 : Lelant Saltings railway station by Jim Champion
SW5437 : Railway at Lelant by Bob Jones
SW5436 : Trevethoe: Trevethoe Mill by Martin Bodman
SW5337 : Lodge and lane to Trevethoe Barton by Sheila Russell

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