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SX1289 : Tregrylls across the valley by roger geach
SX1490 : Helsett Lane by Rabbi WP Thinrod
SX1290 : River Valency valley. by Rabbi WP Thinrod
SX1391 : Tresparrett Ford by John Walton
SX1391 : Ford across the River Valency by Sarah Charlesworth
SX1389 : Rural North Cornwall  green fields a plenty  by roger geach
SX1289 : Lesnewth: Tregrylls by Martin Bodman
SX1389 : Lane to Lesnewth by Derek Harper
SX1391 : St Juliot: ford through the river Valency by Martin Bodman
SX1389 : Not many cars on this road to Lesnewth by roger geach
SX1390 : Rural lane North Cornwall   by roger geach
SX1391 : The River Valency Below the Ford by Tony Atkin
SX1389 : Tregrylis Ford by John Walton
SX1289 : Tregrylls Cross by Paul Loft
SX1290 : Steep Stream near Lesnewth by Tony Atkin
SX1390 : Country road junction  by roger geach
SX1390 : "Penpol" Lesnewth Cornwall by JAMES MACDONALD
SX1289 : On the Halwill Barton to Lesnewth road by roger geach
SX1390 : Lesnewth: churchyard cross by Martin Bodman
SX1390 : "Trewannion" Lesnewth, Cornwall by JAMES MACDONALD
SX1390 : Lesnewth Church by Tony Atkin

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