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SD7609 : Track between Bradley Fold Road and Ainsworth Hall Road by Philip Platt
SD7409 : St James' Church, Breightmet, Graveyard by Alexander P Kapp
SD7608 : Route of Former Railway by David Dixon
SD7608 : The Sparking Clog by David Dixon
SD7509 : Ainsworth Hall Road by David Dixon
SD7409 : Deepdale Road by JThomas
SD7408 : Short Cut by Roger May
SD7609 : Ainsworth FC by Bill Boaden
SD7509 : Rothwell Fold Farm by David Dixon
SD7507 : St Matthew's Church, Little Lever by David Dixon
SD7409 : Warbreck Close, Bolton by Alex McGregor
SD7609 : Bury and Bolton Road (A58)  by JThomas
SD7409 : Empire Road joins Bury Road at Breightmet by Raymond Knapman
SD7507 : The New Inn - Little Lever by Anthony Parkes
SD7508 : Radcliffe Anglers by Roger May
SD7409 : Empire Road/Bury Road junction. by Colin Pyle
SD7508 : Bradley Fold, for Little Lever, Station by Ben Brooksbank
SD7607 : Black Moss by David Dixon
SD7509 : Bury Road by David Dixon
SD7407 : Jolly Carter by David Dixon
SD7409 : St James' Church, Breightmet by David Dixon
SD7507 : St Matthew's Church, Little Lever by Alexander P Kapp
SD7609 : Bradley Fold Road by David Dixon
SD7509 : Ainsworth Hall Road by David Dixon
SD7408 : Hatherleigh Walk, Little Lever by Alex McGregor
SD7508 : Bradley Fold Trading Estate by David Dixon
SD7507 : St Matthew's Church and Graveyard, Little Lever by David Dixon
SD7409 : Supermarket at Breightmet on Bury Road by Raymond Knapman
SD7609 : Footpath from Ainsworth by Roger May
SD7508 : Blackshaw Brook by David Dixon
SD7409 : Spice Grill Express by Bill Boaden
SD7608 : Disused railway at Bradley Fold by David Dixon
SD7509 : Ainsworth Hall Ground by Bradley Michael
SD7508 : Little Lever, Wilby Avenue by David Dixon
SD7509 : Henighans - a free house by Ian Greig
SD7408 : Bolton County AFC pavilion by Bradley Michael
SD7409 : Bury Road, Breightmet by Bill Boaden
SD7509 : Old Wood Lane by Bill Boaden
SD7407 : Hall Lane, Farnworth Bridge by David Dixon
SD7508 : Dismantled Railway by David Dixon
SD7507 : Little Lever, St Matthew's Church by David Dixon
SD7509 : Industrial premises at Breightmet Fold by Bill Boaden
SD7409 : Disused Wesleyan Chapel - Breightmet by Anthony Parkes
SD7407 : Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal by A6053, Little Lever by Colin Park
SD7508 : Bradley Fold Garage by David Dixon
SD7509 : Wellington Garage Bury Road by Paul Anderson
SD7608 : Pylons, Radcliffe Moor by David Dixon
SD7409 : Twisse Road, Bolton by Alex McGregor
SD7408 : Five Acre Farm by David Dixon
SD7508 : Garden centre at Bradley Fold by Philip Platt
SD7509 : Radcliffe Masonic Hall by Roger May
SD7407 : River Croal by Roger May
SD7608 : Marker Post, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway by David Dixon
SD7607 : Black Moss by Roger May

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