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TL4450 : The Wale Monument by Kevin Steinhardt
TL4550 : Footpath north of Sainsfoins Farm by Given Up
TL4551 : Great Shelford: mill cottages by John Sutton
TL4451 : Stubble field by N Chadwick
TL4550 : Field by The Spinney by Given Up
TL4551 : Great Shelford: in Church Street by John Sutton
TL4550 : A triangle of wood and a track by Duncan Grey
TL4451 : Beechwood House by Duncan Grey
TL4549 : Up and over the M11 by John Sutton
TL4550 : Towards Little Shelford by John Sutton
TL4551 : River Cam or Granta by Bob Jones
TL4650 : Footpath to Rectory Farm by John Sutton
TL4451 : Cambridgeshire scenery by N Chadwick
TL4549 : Cycling to and from Newton by John Sutton
TL4551 : The Navigator, Little Shelford by Keith Edkins
TL4451 : Barley by the Motorway by Hugh Venables
TL4551 : Great Shelford: Church Street in February by John Sutton
TL4549 : M11 tops a rise near Newton by Julian P Guffogg
TL4650 : Rectory Farm House by Duncan Grey
TL4650 : Footpath to Sawston by Hugh Venables
TL4650 : Rectory Farm by David Gruar
TL4551 : Little Shelford: the south end of High Street by John Sutton
TL4450 : Farmyard marked as Moor Barn by Duncan Grey
TL4451 : Field near Hauxton by N Chadwick
TL4450 : M11, northbound by N Chadwick
TL4550 : Daffodil Junction by Keith Edkins
TL4650 : Farmland toward the River Cam by JThomas
TL4551 : Great Shelford: Kings Mill Lane by John Sutton
TL4550 : Woodland north of Sainsfoins airstrip by Given Up
TL4650 : Footpath from Rectory Farm by Hugh Venables
TL4551 : Little Shelford: Vine Cottage by John Sutton
TL4549 : The road to Newton from Whittlesford by Duncan Grey
TL4451 : M11, northbound by N Chadwick
TL4551 : Little Shelford: thatcher at work by John Sutton
TL4551 : Little Shelford: pollarded trees and All Saints' Church by John Sutton
TL4551 : VR letterbox, Great Shelford by Keith Edkins
TL4451 : Farmland north of Little Shelford by N Chadwick
TL4550 : Bridle path to Newton by John Sutton
TL4451 : M11 northbound crosses the railway by Julian P Guffogg
TL4549 : Wanches Pen by Duncan Grey
TL4650 : Bridleway to Newton by Keith Edkins
TL4551 : Great Shelford: millpond and cottages by John Sutton
TL4551 : Great Shelford: Church Street by John Sutton
TL4551 : Field by Little Shelford by Hugh Venables
TL4450 : A view towards Cambridge by John Sutton
TL4451 : Passing under the M11 by Given Up
TL4650 : Track from Rectory Farm to Dernford Farm by Duncan Grey
TL4450 : M11 - Cambridge park and ride sign by Robin Webster
TL4550 : Track / footpath by Given Up
TL4451 : Flat farmland by N Chadwick
TL4551 : Wale Recreation Ground, Little Shelford by Anthony Jukes
TL4451 : Train on the Little Shelford level crossing by David Gruar
TL4551 : Little Shelford Memorial Hall 2000 by Keith Edkins
TL4551 : Houses in Great Shelford by David Gruar
TL4451 : Level crossing at Little Shelford by David Gruar
TL4551 : Little Shelford church, memorial tablet by Keith Edkins
TL4650 : Dernford level crossing by Ben Harris
TL4551 : River Granta at Shelford by Keith Edkins

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