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SM8526 : George V postbox, Llandeloy by Martyn Harries
SM8526 : Llandeloy village green by Adrian Platt
SM8526 : Former village store and post office, Llandeloy by Martyn Harries
SM8527 : Lochmeyler Farm by Jonathan Billinger
SM8425 : Rickeston Hall by Alan Hughes
SM8526 : St Eloi's Church. Llandeloy by Adrian Platt
SM8326 : Road Junction by Alan Hughes
SM8526 : Llandeloy church hall by Adrian Platt
SM8526 : Lost at Sea memorial at St Teilo's Church by Anonymous
SM8526 : Dilapidated corrugated iron building at Llandeloy by Jonathan Thacker
SM8627 : A Lane Near Llandeloy by Deborah Tilley
SM8326 : Fferm Caerwen by Deborah Tilley
SM8426 : Tree-lined country road by Martyn Harries
SM8626 : Road junction at Penyfeidr by Gordon Hatton
SM8426 : Lane to the Signals 14th Regiment base by Deborah Tilley
SM8527 : Byway from Lochmeyler by Jonathan Billinger
SM8325 : Ffynnon Ddewi near Solva by Simon Mortimer
SM8526 : The churchyard at Llandeloy by Jonathan Thacker
SM8526 : St Eloi's Church, Llandeloy by Adrian Platt
SM8426 : Gwindy Farm Outbuilding by Alan Hughes
SM8425 : Outbuildings at Rickeston Hall by Deborah Tilley
SM8627 : Track to Lower Rhosgranog by Martyn Harries
SM8627 : Wind turbines by Alan Hughes
SM8326 : Minor road junction near Llanddinog by Martyn Harries
SM8527 : Lochmeyler snowdrops by Jonathan Billinger
SM8527 : River Solva by Gordon Hatton
SM8426 : Cottage at Gwindy by Simon Mortimer
SM8526 : The church of St. Teilo, Llandeloy by Jonathan Thacker
SM8527 : Snowdrops in the sun by Jonathan Billinger
SM8526 : Wall stoup Llandeloy Church by Anonymous
SM8325 : The lane to Tal-y-Bont by Deborah Tilley
SM8425 : Part of Rickeston Hall by Deborah Tilley
SM8626 : Lower Vanley by Deborah Tilley
SM8527 : Entrance to Lochmeyler Farm by Simon Mortimer
SM8525 : YMCA youth hostel at Penycwm by Simon Mortimer
SM8527 : Road junction at sunset by Alan Hughes
SM8425 : Maerdy Farm by Simon Mortimer
SM8527 : Minor road near Trenichol by Martyn Harries
SM8525 : Crops near Penycwm Youth Hostel by Deborah Tilley
SM8626 : Houses at Lower Vanley by Simon Mortimer
SM8425 : Bend in the road near Bryngwyn by Martyn Harries
SM8326 : Caerwen Farm by Simon Mortimer
SM8527 : Rural crossroads near Llandeloy by Martyn Harries
SM8526 : Font at Llandeloy Church by Anonymous
SM8627 : Farm buildings near Rhosgranog by Simon Mortimer
SM8527 : Sun-lit lane north of Lochmeyler by Jonathan Billinger
SM8525 : Stone outbuilding at the Youth Hostel near Newgale by Deborah Tilley
SM8626 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SM8526 : Houses in Llandeloy by Jonathan Thacker
SM8525 : Farmland near Penycwm youth hostel by Simon Mortimer
SM8526 : Llandeloy village street by Gordon Hatton
SM8526 : Holy Well at St Teilo's Church, Llandeloy by Anonymous

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