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SN0927 : Another Temple Druid stone by ceridwen
SN1027 : Chapel schoolroom by ceridwen
SN1028 : Pantygwynfyd , looking west by ceridwen
SN0928 : Looking towards Pengwndwn by ceridwen
SN1027 : Independent chapel, Llandilo by ceridwen
SN1127 : Lane to Clos-hen Farm by Dylan Moore
SN0927 : Temple Druid cottages by ceridwen
SN1027 : Llandilo Independent chapel by ceridwen
SN1127 : Road junction, Llangolman Common by Roger Cornfoot
SN0927 : Temple Druid by ceridwen
SN1026 : View towards Preseli TV Mast by Jeremy Owen
SN0927 : Goats at Temple Druid by ceridwen
SN0926 : Maenclochog Tunnel, Pembrokeshire by Ralph Rawlinson
SN0928 : Pasture on Rhos Morris: Maenclochog by Dylan Moore
SN1028 : Corrugated cottage by ceridwen
SN1027 : Old quarry at Llandilo by ceridwen
SN1027 : Cottage "Pwll Aderyn" by Maolchalium Crawford
SN0927 : Temple Druid through the trees by ceridwen
SN1027 : Quarry workings at Llandilo by ceridwen
SN0928 : Sunday afternoon spin by ceridwen
SN0927 : Temple Druid standing stone, looking northwest by ceridwen
SN0928 : Roadside chat by ceridwen
SN0927 : Gateway to Temple Druid by ceridwen
SN0927 : Temple Druid standing stone, looking southeast by ceridwen
SN1028 : Pantygwynfyd, looking east by ceridwen
SN1028 : Pisgah Farm by ceridwen

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