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NY6100 : River Lune from Salterwath Bridge by Ruth Sharville
NY5901 : Icicles, Borrowdale by Michael Graham
NY6401 : Water intake, Churn Gill by Karl and Ali
SD6199 : Blease Fell by Thomas Nugent
NY6401 : Abandoned pipe, Churngill Beck by Karl and Ali
NY5901 : Wall and gate above Borrowdale by John Darch
NY6000 : Benchmarked stone on wall on NE side of A685 by Roger Templeman
NY6301 : Upper Eller Gill from Rispa by Karl and Ali
NY6400 : Hand Lake beyond Uldale from Uldale Head by David Brown
SD6099 : Downward View Between Cairns To M6 by Rude Health
NY6302 : Eller Gill from Rispa by Karl and Ali
NY6001 : M6 and Borrow Beck by Michael Graham
NY5901 : Bridge in Borrowdale by David Brown
NY6100 : Benchmark on boulder in wall on SW side Fairmile Road by Roger Templeman
NY6102 : River Lune by Peter McDermott
NY6300 : Moorland north of Uldale Head by John Darch
NY5900 : Grayrigg Forest by Stephen Dawson
NY6400 : The col between Hand Lake and Docker Knott by Karl and Ali
NY6300 : Tracks Heading Towards Uldale Head by Rude Health
NY6001 : Benchmark on wall beside road near Barrowbridge Fort by Roger Templeman
NY6300 : The cairn on Archer Hill by Karl and Ali
NY5901 : Road bridge in Borrowdale by Raymond Knapman
NY6301 : Eller Gill and Rispa Pike by John Darch
SD6199 : Pasture near Low Carlingill by Karl and Ali
NY6001 : Brockholes Bank and Blease Fell by Thomas Nugent
NY5901 : Trackside tree, Borrowdale by Karl and Ali
SD6199 : Looking across the upper Lune valley by David Purchase
NY6000 : M6 Motorway near Tebay. by John Holmes
SD6199 : South Lakeland : Countryside Scenery by Lewis Clarke
NY5901 : Butterfly on thistles beside the track in Westmorland Borrowdale by Tim Hodgins
NY6102 : M6 south of Roundthwaite by Colin Pyle
NY6201 : Cairn, Hare Shaw by Mick Garratt
NY6000 : Fells south of Low Borrow bridge near Tebay by pete simpson
NY6202 : Upper Tebay Gill by John Darch
SD6099 : Cairn on Grayrigg by Richard Webb
NY6100 : Salterwath Bridge by David Brown
SD6199 : M6 north of Dillicar Common by Colin Pyle
NY6001 : The foot of Borrowdale by Karl and Ali
NY6200 : Blease Fell by Rude Health
NY6400 : Hand lake and Uldale from Rispa by David Brown
NY6202 : Upper Tebay Gill by David Brown
NY5900 : Repeater Station, Grayrigg Forest by Michael Graham
SD6199 : M6  in the Upper Lune Valley by G Laird
NY6300 : Path up to Uldale Head by Raymond Knapman
SD6099 : Cairns on Greyrigg by David Brown
NY6200 : The head of Grains Gill by Karl and Ali
NY6102 : Spillway beside A685 under Jeffrey's Mount by Roger Templeman
NY6001 : Misty morning on the M6 by Ann Cook
NY5901 : Green track leads to Whinfell Common by Raymond Knapman
NY6302 : Eller Gill by David Brown
NY6000 : Lune Gorge by Don Burgess
NY6102 : Lune's Bridge, Tebay by pete simpson
SD6099 : Grayrigg Forest plunging into the Lune valley by Stephen Dawson
NY5901 : Grayrigg Forest above Borrowdale by Stephen Dawson
NY6102 : Tebay Monument by Michael Parry
NY6102 : River Lune - South of Tebay by mauldy
SD6199 : The Tebay Gap by David Brown

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