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SJ3720 : A5 approaching Wolfshead roundabout by Peter Whatley
SJ3720 : A5 overbridge south of Coney Bank by Stuart Logan
SJ3720 : A5 curving toward Wolshead by Peter Whatley
SJ3720 : A5 north, the Nesscliffe by-pass by John Haynes
SJ3720 : Approaching north end of Nesscliffe bypass by John Firth
SJ3721 : Wood Farm buildings by John Haynes
SJ3720 : No pumps now but plenty of cars by John Haynes
SJ3721 : Looking towards Common Plantation by John Haynes
SJ3721 : Road junction near Common Plantation by John Firth
SJ3720 : A5 northbound near Coney Bank by Colin Pyle
SJ3721 : Road near Lower Hopton by Peter Wood
SJ3720 : Nesscliffe bypass on the A5 by Eirian Evans
SJ3720 : A5 - minor road overbridge north of Kinton by Peter Whatley
SJ3721 : Across the barley stubble towards Lin Can Coppice by John Haynes
SJ3720 : A5 south of Wolfshead Roundabout by N Chadwick
SJ3720 : View north west from Nesscliffe Hill by Penny Mayes
SJ3720 : Minor road bridge over A5 near Kinton by David Smith
SJ3721 : Wood Farm and lane. by Colin Pyle
SJ3720 : Old Milestone by Keith Evans
SJ3720 : A5 south, the Nesscliffe by-pass by John Haynes
SJ3720 : Holyhead 97 by Keith Evans
SJ3720 : Minor road overbridge, A5 by N Chadwick

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