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NZ3313 : A67 towards Darlington by JThomas
NZ3413 : Looking West along the railway towards Darlington by Nick W
NZ3414 : Sadberge Road by JThomas
NZ3414 : Cycle track on former railway by JThomas
NZ3413 : Station Road, Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3414 : The Fighting Cocks by Mick Garratt
NZ3414 : Houses, Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3314 : Footpath Near Morton Palms by Mick Garratt
NZ3415 : Sadberge Road by peter robinson
NZ3413 : Dinsdale railway station by Nick W
NZ3414 : Drive to Highland Farm by peter robinson
NZ3414 : Fighting Cocks by Adam Brookes
NZ3415 : Farmland off Sadberge Road by JThomas
NZ3415 : Sadberge  Hall by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3413 : Women's Institute, Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3314 : A67 heading west by JThomas
NZ3413 : Path to Dinsdale Station by JThomas
NZ3313 : Farmland near Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3413 : Dinsdale by Mick Garratt
NZ3313 : Farmland off the A67 by JThomas
NZ3413 : The Whinnies Nature  Reserve by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3414 : The Fighting Cocks, Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3313 : Farm buildings, Thorny Close by JThomas
NZ3413 : Platform at Dinsdale Railway Station by Chris Heaton
NZ3414 : Fighting Cocks by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3414 : A67 cycle track tunnel by Adam Brookes
NZ3414 : Scrap Railway Carriages, Fighting Cocks by mark harrington
NZ3415 : Sadberge Road heading north by JThomas
NZ3313 : Car park of the Old Farmhouse Inn by JThomas
NZ3414 : Route of the Original Darlington and Stockton Railway by Mick Garratt
NZ3314 : Farmland, Morton Palms by JThomas
NZ3413 : Dental practice, Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3314 : Bridleway to and beyond Morton Palms Farm by peter robinson
NZ3314 : Morton Palms Farm. by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3413 : Dinsdale railway station, County Durham by Nigel Thompson
NZ3413 : Middleton St George Community Centre by Adam Brookes
NZ3313 : Old Farmhouse Inn :  On the A67 by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3413 : Houses in Middleton St.George by JThomas
NZ3313 : Footpath Alongside the A67 by Mick Garratt
NZ3413 : Dinsdale Railway Station by JThomas
NZ3313 : Rear of the Old Farmhouse Inn on the A67 by peter robinson
NZ3413 : Middleton St George Village Centre by mark harrington
NZ3413 : The Havelock Arms by JThomas

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