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NY2527 : Ascending Carl Side by Michael Graham
NY2427 : On Dodd by Michael Graham
NY2528 : Carl Side Col by Philip Halling
NY2627 : Skiddaw Little Man by Walter Baxter
NY2427 : Derwent Foot through the trees of Dodd Wood by Anthony Foster
NY2427 : From Dodd by Michael Graham
NY2427 : Slopes of Dodd by Michael Graham
NY2526 : Millbeck by Peter Trimming
NY2628 : Skiddaw with shadows by Malcolm Sandilands
NY2627 : Sheep on Little Man by Hugh Venables
NY2427 : Dodds Wood roads from White Stones by Robert Eva
NY2526 : Footpath through the Bracken by Shaun Ferguson
NY2729 : Hare Crag from Blake Hill by David Purchase
NY2528 : Skiddaw Little Man and Carl Side by Philip Halling
NY2426 : On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Dodd Woods by Bob Jenkins
NY2627 : Not a natural waterfall. by John Holmes
NY2427 : Conifers in the valley of Scalebeck Gill by Christine Johnstone
NY2526 : Underskiddaw Village Hall, Millbeck by Oliver Dixon
NY2728 : Stile Gill by Mick Garratt
NY2627 : Skiddaw Little Man by Philip Halling
NY2729 : Grouse Butt, Hare Crag by Michael Graham
NY2526 : Mill Beck by Peter Trimming
NY2427 : Track in Thornthwaite Forest by David Purchase
NY2528 : Carl Side by Ian Greig
NY2627 : Path to Skiddaw by David Brown
NY2426 : Road Junction by Michael Graham
NY2526 : View From Oakfield by Peter Trimming
NY2628 : Going home by Bob Shires
NY2729 : Gate under Hare Crag by Michael Graham
NY2628 : Gate and Stile, Skiddaw by Michael Graham
NY2427 : The top of Lyzzick Wood, south-east of Dodd summit by Christine Johnstone
NY2728 : Summit of Sale How NY276286 looking to Blencathra and Lonscale Pike by Martin Robinson
NY2426 : View from Dodds Wood path by Robert Eva
NY2729 : Old Fence Post, River Caldew by Mick Garratt
NY2528 : The path from Carl Side to Skiddaw by Bill Boaden
NY2627 : Summit Cairn, Skiddaw Little Man by Michael Graham
NY2527 : Beck runs dry. by John Holmes
NY2528 : Remains of a Balloon by Michael Graham
NY2427 : Summit area of Dodd by Trevor Littlewood
NY2426 : The Derwent flood plain by M J Richardson
NY2728 : Mossy Fall by Michael Graham
NY2427 : Longside Wood by Michael Graham
NY2729 : Bank of the River Caldew by Mick Garratt
NY2628 : Heading for the summit by Walter Baxter
NY2427 : Skill beck. by Steve Partridge
NY2426 : Dancing Gate farm by Robert Eva
NY2527 : Ascending Carl Side by Michael Graham
NY2627 : Little Man on Skiddaw by paul birrell
NY2627 : Cairn on Skiddaw Lesser Man by Graham Robson
NY2528 : Skiddaw viewed from Carl Side by Philip Halling
NY2526 : Millbeck from the slopes of Skiddaw by Alan Reid
NY2528 : Path up Skiddaw from Carl Side by John Collett
NY2526 : Warning or Statement ? by Bob Jenkins
NY2628 : Walking up to Skiddaw South Top by Walter Baxter
NY2526 : Millbeck by Malcolm Street

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