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SE8454 : Towards Frendal Dale by DS Pugh
SE8454 : Frendal Dale from Millington Pastures by Andy Beecroft
SE8453 : Site of spring in Millington Dale by Tim Heaton
SE8454 : Cattle in Frendal Dale by DS Pugh
SE8351 : Cottages in Millington by Neil Theasby
SE8454 : A crossroads by bernard bradley
SE8351 : Houses on Manor Court Farm, Millington by Ian S
SE8352 : Looking towards Millington Pastures by Paul Sexton
SE8351 : The Minster Way at Millington by Ian S
SE8351 : Wolds Way at Warrendale Plantation by Ian S
SE8351 : Millington Church by David Rogers
SE8451 : Warren Farm, above Millington Bottom by Oliver Dixon
SE8552 : Cobdale Lane crosses Cold Wold by Peter Church
SE8351 : On Wolds Way, SE of Millington by Colin Park
SE8553 : New Telegraph Poles by Stephen Horncastle
SE8351 : The Gait Inn, Millington by Gordon Hatton
SE8452 : Sylvan Dale by DS Pugh
SE8452 : Ramblers contemplating the steep path out of Sylvan Dale by Neil Theasby
SE8352 : Wolds from Woodgate by DS Pugh
SE8453 : Millington Pastures from the Wolds Way by Andy Beecroft
SE8452 : Minor Road Towards Huggate by JThomas
SE8452 : The Wolds Way at Becks by Gordon Hatton
SE8454 : Sheep in Frendal Dale by DS Pugh
SE8450 : Minor Road Towards Huggate by JThomas
SE8352 : Top of the Wold by DS Pugh
SE8253 : Minster Way at Whitekeld Beck by Ian S
SE8354 : Camping at the roadside by ken mccann
SE8352 : Looking over Millington Bottom by bernard bradley
SE8253 : Barns at Little Givendale by Gordon Hatton
SE8453 : Cow Moor by DS Pugh
SE8450 : Newcoat Fields Trig point by Siobhan Brennan-Raymond
SE8352 : From Millington Woods to Millington Village by Peter Church
SE8452 : Millington Bottom by Paul Glazzard
SE8351 : Millington from Whinny Hill by Tim Heaton
SE8452 : Millington  Dale  from  the  edge  of  Rabbit  Warren  Wood by Martin Dawes
SE8453 : Climbing up Sylvan Dale the hard way by Ian S
SE8252 : Minster Way towards Little Givendale Farm by Ian S
SE8450 : Farm Buildings in Old Quarry by Charles Rispin
SE8353 : Millington wood by Martin Norman
SE8453 : Millington Beck by bernard bradley
SE8454 : Across Millington Dale by Paul Harrop
SE8253 : Autumnal Tree by Andy Beecroft
SE8450 : The road to Warrendale Farms by Ian S
SE8352 : Woodgate Farm, Millington by Paul Glazzard
SE8552 : The road to Warter from Cold Wold by Ian S
SE8553 : Sheep in the shade by Gordon Hatton
SE8351 : Millington  from  the  Minster  Way  below  Warren  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE8353 : Coppiced Woodland by bernard bradley
SE8454 : Road at Frendal Dale by DS Pugh
SE8453 : Into Sylvan Dale by bernard bradley
SE8453 : Millington Pastures by Andy Beecroft
SE8351 : The Gate Inn, Millington by Peter Church
SE8353 : The Track through Millington Woods by Peter Church
SE8352 : Post at Millington Pastures/ Wood by Gary Allan D

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