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NY4228 : Motherby by Peter McDermott
NY4229 : Greystoke Roman Road. by John Holmes
NY4229 : Greystoke Moor Cottage by Oliver Dixon
NY4229 : A high drystone wall by Oliver Dixon
NY4229 : The end of the track from Motherby by David Purchase
NY4229 : Bridleway between Motherby and Greystoke by mauldy
NY4228 : In Motherby village by David Purchase
NY4228 : On Greystoke Moor by David Purchase
NY4228 : Marshy ground on Greystoke Moor by Oliver Dixon
NY4328 : Track Motherby by Steve Houldsworth
NY4229 : Squirrel on Bridleway by mauldy
NY4228 : Motherby by Malcolm Street
NY4328 : Kirkbarrow by Peter McDermott
NY4228 : Footpath Motherby by Steve Houldsworth
NY4328 : Penruddock Hall by Malcolm Street
NY4328 : Leaving Motherby on the B5288 for Greystoke by David Purchase

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