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R5354 : Limerick cement plant, Mungret by Dylan Moore
R5353 : Mungret St Pauls GAA Community Centre by David Hawgood
R5353 : Rough pasture near Mungret by David Hawgood
R5353 : Mungret St Pauls GAA club by David Hawgood
R5254 : Quarry entrance: Limerick cement plant by Dylan Moore
R5354 : Access platform hire and sales at Mungret by David Hawgood
R5253 : Ruined house by Russ Davies
R5354 : Forest of Skylifts at Mungret by David Hawgood
R5255 : Gravel track near Tervoe by David Hawgood
R5254 : N69 at junction to R859 by David Hawgood
R5355 : Preparing to go under the Shannon by Neville Goodman

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