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SW6332 : Nancegollan Mine by Elizabeth Scott
SW6332 : Site/remains of Nancegollan station, 1973 by Ben Brooksbank
SW6332 : Ruin at Nancegollan by Humphrey Bolton
SW6432 : Roadside stile at Nancegollan by Rod Allday
SW6432 : Fields near Nancegollan by Sheila Russell
SW6332 : Engine house - Nancegollan Mine by Chris Allen
SW6332 : Former post office, Nancegollan by Humphrey Bolton
SW6432 : Daffodils in the mist by Rod Allday
SW6332 : Old railway bridge by Sheila Russell
SW6332 : Where the railway ran by Sheila Russell
SW6432 : Stables at Blue Pool Farm by Sheila Russell
SW6332 : Old railway cutting at Nancegollan by Rod Allday
SW6332 : Pumping engine house at Florence United Mine by Rod Allday
SW6332 : Nancegollan Village Hall by Humphrey Bolton

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