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NY2020 : Path up to Sail Pass by Bill Boaden
NY2420 : The Derwent Fells from Skelgill Bank by Gareth James
NY2320 : Public footpath to the valley of Stoneycroft Gill by Christine Johnstone
NY2020 : On Scar Crags by Michael Graham
NY2420 : On Skelgill Bank by Ian Capper
NY2120 : Rigg Beck by Michael Graham
NY2420 : Ascending Skelgill Bank by Michael Graham
NY2320 : Minor road below Rowling End by Hugh Venables
NY2020 : View of Outerside from Long Combe by Mick Garratt
NY2420 : The path from Catbells. by steven ruffles
NY2120 : Causey Pike and Stile End by Nigel Depledge
NY2120 : Dwarf Oaks, Scar Crags by Michael Graham
NY2220 : Old Letterbox near Birkrigg. by Steve Partridge
NY2220 : Sleet Hause by Michael Graham
NY2420 : Path to Skelgill by DS Pugh
NY2020 : Shepherd above Rigg Beck. by Chris Denny
NY2020 : Flying Rowan by Michael Graham
NY2420 : Skelgill Bank by Shaun Ferguson
NY2120 : Summit Cairn, Causey Pike by Michael Graham
NY2220 : Sheep at Birkrigg Farm by Steve Partridge
NY2420 : Climb on Catbells by DS Pugh
NY2120 : View from Causey Pike. by Steve Partridge
NY2320 : Newlands from Cat Bells by Ian Capper
NY2020 : Summit Cairn, Scar Craggs by Michael Graham
NY2420 : View north from Cat Bells by Gareth James
NY2420 : Ridge to Skelgill by DS Pugh
NY2120 : The ridge west of Causey Pike by David Brown
NY2420 : Path on flank of Cat Bells by Trevor Littlewood
NY2320 : Little Town Ford by John Walton
NY2220 : Waterfall, Rigg Beck by Michael Graham
NY2120 : Causey Pike by Chris Holifield
NY2420 : Farm buildings by Stephen Darlington
NY2420 : Farmland at Skelgill, Newlands valley by Christine Johnstone
NY2120 : Rigg Beck from Causey Pike by Chris Denny
NY2220 : Path restoration below Causey Pike by Nigel Davies
NY2020 : Looking East from Sail by Iain Lees
NY2020 : On the Scar Crags Ridge by Michael Graham
NY2220 : Aiken Knott by Mick Garratt
NY2420 : Looking over Brandelhow Wood to Derwentwater by Mike Harris
NY2220 : Road crossing Rigg Beck by Hugh Venables
NY2320 : Rigg Beck by Christine Johnstone
NY2020 : New path up Sail by Trevor Harris
NY2220 : Rigg Beck by Michael Graham
NY2420 : Looking over Newlands by Michael Graham
NY2020 : Path to Sail Pass by Graham Robson
NY2020 : Looking down to Sail Pass by Graham Robson
NY2220 : Rigg  Beck..... Gone by Michael Graham
NY2220 : Landslip Rigg Beck by Michael Graham
NY2320 : Pastures, Newlands by Andrew Smith
NY2420 : Looking at Derwent Water from ascent to Cat Bells by Martin
NY2020 : Mountain Bikers Descending From the Scar Crags Ridge into Sail Beck by Mick Garratt
NY2220 : Purple House at Rigg Beck by Steve Partridge
NY2420 : Cat Bells in winter by Dave Stamp
NY2220 : Rigg Beck, an abandoned timber house. by Alan Edwards
NY2220 : The End of an Eyesore. by Steve Partridge
NY2220 : Ruin of Rigg Beck by Michael Graham
NY2420 : Catbells viewed from Skellgil Bank by Philip Halling
NY2320 : Rainbow over Newlands Valley by Nigel Davies

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