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SE9052 : High on the Yorkshire Wolds... by Chris Morgan
SE9354 : Making hay while the sun shines! by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9152 : Farm  Road  to  Tithe  Top  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE9351 : South Field, North Dalton by Paul Harrop
SE9352 : Cottages at North Dalton by Jonathan Thacker
SE9154 : Ploughed Field above North Dalton, East Yorks. by Peter Church
SE9353 : Heading towards Fox Covert by Jonathan Thacker
SE9052 : Farmland north east of Thirty Acres by Andy Beecroft
SE9352 : North Dalton village pond by Ian Lavender
SE9154 : A  green  dotty  heading  south  for  a  couple  of  miles by Martin Dawes
SE9354 : Across Deep Dale, near North Dalton by Paul Harrop
SE9452 : Wold View Farm by JThomas
SE9252 : Minster Way by David Brown
SE9352 : Dire Warnings by Peter Church
SE9050 : Track to  Shiptondale Farm by JThomas
SE9352 : Former Methodist Chapel by JThomas
SE9355 : Tibthorpe Manor by Stephen Horncastle
SE9154 : Bridleway by Andy Beecroft
SE9051 : View towards Arden Fleets by Jonathan Thacker
SE9150 : Farm track at Stevenson Wold by Ian Lavender
SE9254 : Spoilt for choice! by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9353 : Towards Westfield Farm by Peter Church
SE9051 : Combine going to harvest by Chris Morgan
SE9252 : Crops and Westfield Farm by Peter Church
SE9354 : The turn into Deep Dale by Jonathan Thacker
SE9052 : By the Minster Way, E. Yorks by Paul Harrop
SE9252 : The Huggate to North Dalton road by Andy Beecroft
SE9154 : The route to Huggate, East Yorks. by Peter Church
SE9454 : Bridleway at SE947546 by Stephen Horncastle
SE9252 : Green and pleasant land! by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9352 : Elizabeth II postbox, North Dalton by JThomas
SE9252 : Rape  Field  toward  North  Grange  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE9151 : B1246 towards North Dalton by JThomas
SE9050 : Footpath on the Yorkshire Wolds by Paul Harrop
SE9150 : Wolds Farmland by JThomas
SE9252 : Heading towards North Dalton by Ian S
SE9354 : Bridleway to Huggate by Jonathan Thacker
SE9051 : Track to  Warter Farmhouse by JThomas
SE9253 : Snowdrops in the hedge bottom near North Grange by Jonathan Thacker
SE9052 : Yorkshire Wolds footpath junction by Paul Harrop
SE9153 : Road To North Dalton by Stephen Horncastle
SE9352 : Duck Pond, North Dalton by JThomas
SE9152 : Working on the land near North Dalton by Peter Church
SE9355 : Foreman's Cottage by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9150 : Track to  Stephenson Wold by JThomas
SE9454 : Bridleway towards Huggate by JThomas
SE9051 : Footpath towards Huggate by Paul Harrop
SE9154 : Footpath to Freshlands Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SE9354 : Change of scenery! by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9355 : A footpath to the west of Tibthorpe by Ian S
SE9352 : North Dalton Village Hall by Andy Beecroft
SE9352 : North Dalton Village pond by Ian Lavender
SE9050 : Shipton Dale Farm by Ian Lavender
SE9050 : Warter Farm House by Malcolm Campbell
SE9352 : Tithe Farm and All Saints Church, North Dalton by Peter Church
SE9354 : Gateway to Deep Dale Woods, above North Dalton by Peter Church
SE9355 : Driveway to Tibthorpe Manor by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9351 : North Dalton from the west by Andy Beecroft

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