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SP6310 : M40 southwest of Woodground Farm by Stuart Logan
SP6211 : Muddy track in Shabbington Wood by Steve Daniels
SP6212 : Slatters Farm by Bikeboy
SP6310 : Old taxiway of Oakley Airfield by Shaun Ferguson
SP6212 : A stile on the footpath by Steve Daniels
SP6211 : Waterlogged track in Shabbington Wood by Steve Daniels
SP6312 : Royal Oak, Oakley by al partington
SP6211 : M40 southbound near Jericho Farm by Colin Pyle
SP6310 : The M40 heading southbound by Steve Daniels
SP6211 : M40 Motorway - Northbound near Jericho Farm by K. Whatley
SP6312 : Hill View, Oakley by David Howard
SP6310 : M40 & footpath by David Luther Thomas
SP6210 : M40 motorway near Hill Coppice by Peter Whatley
SP6313 : Fields north of Oakley by the B4011 by David Howard
SP6212 : The M40 runs under a road bridge by Steve Daniels
SP6310 : Big bend on the M40 by Peter Whatley
SP6310 : M40 Northbound, Driver Location A85.4 by David Dixon
SP6211 : The M40 heading southbound by Steve Daniels
SP6313 : Boarstall Wood Cottage by Jackie Harman
SP6312 : Cottage on Bicester Road, Oakley by David Howard
SP6212 : M40 southbound nearing junction 8A (1) by Robin Stott
SP6210 : Hill Coppice by Mark Edwards
SP6312 : Oakley Garage by Steve Daniels
SP6211 : Gated deer fence entrance to Shabbington wood by Shaun Ferguson
SP6311 : Heading towards Jericho farm by Shaun Ferguson
SP6212 : The road runs over the M40 towards Oxford by Steve Daniels
SP6313 : B4011 near Oakley by Michael
SP6212 : Pylons by the Side of the M40 by David Dixon
SP6312 : Oakley Village by Bill Nicholls
SP6212 : Southbound M40 near Oakley by David Dixon
SP6211 : Access Bridge over the M40 near Oakley by David Dixon
SP6312 : Field entrances on The Foresters, Oakley by David Howard
SP6211 : Muddy bridleway in Bernwood Forest by Steve Daniels
SP6312 : Oakley Garage on Worminghall Road by David Howard
SP6313 : Extended house north of Oakley by David Howard
SP6311 : Powerlines by the M40 by Anthony Parkes
SP6212 : Looking South on the M40 by Shaun Ferguson
SP6311 : Road leaving Oakley by Sarah Charlesworth
SP6310 : Across the M40 by David Luther Thomas
SP6313 : Fields alongside B4011 by Michael
SP6210 : Northbound M40 near Shabbington Wood by David Dixon
SP6211 : Bridge over the M40 by Bill Nicholls
SP6210 : Side track in Shabbington Wood by Steve Daniels
SP6313 : Old Milepost by N Windle
SP6212 : Trees by Oxford Road, Oakley by David Howard
SP6312 : Bus shelter with security gates by Steve Daniels
SP6212 : An electricity pylon in a field by Steve Daniels
SP6212 : M40 Motorway - Overbridge Near New Farm by K. Whatley
SP6312 : The Royal Oak on Worminghall Road by Steve Daniels
SP6310 : Northbound M40 by David Dixon
SP6310 : Electricity Pylons on the disused Oakley Airfield by Jackie Harman
SP6211 : M40  Heading North. Pylons Alongside Motorway North of Junction 8 by Roy Hughes
SP6312 : The Chandos Arms, Oakley by Colin Bates
SP6211 : M40 Motorway - Northbound at Shabbington Wood by K. Whatley
SP6210 : Shabbington Wood by Mark Edwards
SP6211 : Bernwood Forest by Jackie Harman

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