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SP7922 : Track to Ramhill Farmhouse by David Hawgood
SP7921 : A muddy path and a garage with elaborate gates by Virginia Knight
SP7820 : Path with patch of red campion by David Hawgood
SP7821 : A less famous James Bond by Basher Eyre
SP7821 : The Black Boy, Oving by Virginia Knight
SP7821 : Black Boy pub by Philip Jeffrey
SP7820 : Footpath down to the Aylesbury ring by Philip Jeffrey
SP7921 : Whitchurch - Ashgrove Gardens by James Emmans
SP7921 : Cold War Nuclear observation post and medical centre by Peter Roberts
SP7821 : Thatched cottage, Oving by Basher Eyre
SP7921 : Benchmark on Oving Road bus shelter by Roger Templeman
SP7821 : Grass traffic island, Oving by Michael Trolove
SP7922 : Footpath towards Buttermilkhall Farm by Philip Jeffrey
SP7820 : Buildings on Bunshill by Michael Trolove
SP7821 : Footpath to Marston by Philip Jeffrey
SP7922 : Spare Trailers on Meadway by Philip Jeffrey
SP7821 : View from Black Boy pub by Jon S
SP7821 : All Saints' Oving by Michael Trolove
SP7821 : All Saints Church, Oving by Jon S
SP7821 : Black Boy PH, Oving by mike morley
SP7821 : Looking from the church path at Oving over to the rectory by Basher Eyre
SP7820 : Pitchcott Hill by Michael Trolove
SP7922 : Lane and Ramhill Farm, Oving by David Hawgood
SP7922 : The Meadway, Oving, in winter by Virginia Knight
SP7922 : Fields running down from Meadway, Oving by David Hawgood
SP7821 : Cars coming up Marston Hill by Bikeboy
SP7821 : Footpath alongside the grounds of Oving House by Virginia Knight
SP7922 : Footpath off Meadway by Philip Jeffrey
SP7820 : View from Bunces Lane. Oving by Michael Stallwood
SP7821 : Pitchcott Road at entrance to Holbornhill Farm by John Firth
SP7821 : Oak Tree in Oving by Michael Stallwood
SP7821 : The Old Chapel by Virginia Knight
SP7821 : Church Road, Oving by Basher Eyre
SP7921 : Playing field and children's play area, Whitchurch by Virginia Knight
SP7821 : Outer Aylesbury Ring by Shaun Ferguson
SP7820 : Bunshill and Oving by Michael Trolove
SP7921 : Outer Aylesbury Ring by Shaun Ferguson
SP7821 : Grass covered road junction by Michael Trolove
SP7921 : Telephone Exchange, Whitchurch, Bucks by David Hillas
SP7921 : A413 approaching Whitchurch by John Firth
SP7821 : Dark Lane, with Oving House by Virginia Knight
SP7921 : Bus shelter on Oving Road by Roger Templeman
SP7821 : Pulpit Lane, Oving by Virginia Knight
SP7820 : Snowdrops in Bunces Lane, Oving by Michael Stallwood
SP7921 : Playground by the trim trail by Philip Jeffrey
SP7821 : Church gates, Oving by Basher Eyre
SP7921 : Field at Whitchurch by Andrew Hackney
SP7820 : Fields at Oving, view down to Aylesbury Vale by David Hawgood
SP7821 : Squatter Cottage, Oving by Bikeboy
SP7921 : Oving Lane junction with Oving Road by John Firth
SP7821 : All Saints Church Tower. Oving. Bucks by Michael Stallwood

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