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SN1640 : Sycamore and ruin by ceridwen
SN1641 : View up the chimney by ceridwen
SN1641 : Hoof fungus, Fomes fomentarius by ceridwen
SN1640 : Coed Pencwm information board by ceridwen
SN1641 : The ruined farm of Cwm by ceridwen
SN1641 : Footbridge over Afon Piliau by ceridwen
SN1741 : Red doors by ceridwen
SN1742 : Baptist chapel, Pen-y-bryn by ceridwen
SN1740 : Blaenmergi, Bridell by Dylan Moore
SN1641 : Crossing Afon Piliau by ceridwen
SN1742 : Pen-y-Bryn Arms by Stuart Logan
SN1742 : Pen-y-bryn Arms by ceridwen
SN1641 : Black sheep by ceridwen
SN1640 : Ruins in Cwm Ffrwd by ceridwen
SN1741 : Tygwyn by ceridwen
SN1742 : Pen-Y-Bryn Baptist Church by Peter Wood
SN1741 : A478 heading for Bridell by Martyn Harries
SN1641 : Decorative churns by ceridwen
SN1742 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket 11880 by Peter Wood
SN1640 : Footpath diversion by ceridwen
SN1641 : Simne fawr at Cwm by ceridwen
SN1640 : Coed Pencwm seat by ceridwen
SN1742 : Pen-y-bryn, Baptist Chapel by Stuart Logan
SN1641 : Window in ruined dwelling by ceridwen
SN1742 : Bridell Parish Church by Dylan Moore
SN1640 : Pencwm and Cwm Ffrwd by ceridwen
SN1642 : Valley of Afon Piliau, looking southwest by ceridwen
SN1742 : Plas-y-Bridell. by chris whitehouse
SN1642 : Footpath through woods by ceridwen
SN1642 : Cefn Cottage, Llantood by Dylan Moore
SN1640 : Woodland ford, Cwm Ffrwd by ceridwen
SN1641 : Frost in the valley by ceridwen
SN1742 : Impressive Topiary Arch by chris whitehouse
SN1641 : View towards Cilgerran by ceridwen
SN1641 : Stonework, Cwm by ceridwen
SN1641 : Beech trees along Afon Piliau by ceridwen
SN1642 : Valley of Afon Piliau, looking northeast by ceridwen
SN1640 : Young woodland by ceridwen
SN1641 : Orange-tip heaven by ceridwen
SN1642 : Uphill path through woodland by ceridwen
SN1641 : Old bowl at Cwm by ceridwen

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