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SK3399 : Fast food restaurant off the A61 by JThomas
SK3399 : Tankersley Scales by Roger May
SE3300 : Pilley Green by Graham Hogg
SK3399 : Potter Holes Hill by Rude Health
SE3300 : Pilley Methodist Chapel by Wendy North
SE3300 : Cut benchmark on Pilley Methodist Church by John Slater
SK3399 : Woodland Footpath near Upper Tankersley by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK3399 : Two of a kind by Steve  Fareham
SE3300 : Slow Pilley ahead by Steve  Fareham
SE3300 : Path to Potter Holes Plantation by Rude Health
SE3300 : Tankersley Welfare Hall, Pilley by Neil Theasby
SE3300 : The footpath from Pilley towards Wortley by John Slater
SE3300 : Entering Pilley Village by Wendy North
SE3300 : Chapel Road in Pilley by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK3399 : Footpath beside Carr Road by Graham Hogg
SE3300 : Pub Under Demolition in Pilley by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK3399 : Carr Lane by John Slater
SE3300 : Pilley Methodist Church by John Slater
SK3399 : Wentworth Industrial Park by Wendy North
SK3399 : South Yorkshire Fire Station at Tankersley by Neil Theasby
SK3399 : Tankersley Fire Station by Wendy North
SK3399 : A61 Upper Tankersley by JThomas
SK3399 : ITAB warehouse by Steve  Fareham
SK3399 : Weighbridge on the A61, Upper Tankersley by JThomas

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