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TF0506 : Farmland near Stamford by N Chadwick
TF0706 : Uffington Level Crossing by Marathon
TF0605 : B1443 at Pilsgate by Jay Haywood
TF0506 : Enter the Matrix by Len Williams
TF0605 : Triple communications at Pilsgate by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0606 : River Welland upstream from Uffington Bridge by Brian Green
TF0706 : Signal box at Uffington level crossing by Richard Humphrey
TF0506 : An exhibit at Burghley sculpture park by Flying Stag
TF0505 : Burghley House Grounds and Lake by dennis smith
TF0506 : Garden of Surprises at Burghley House by Philip Halling
TF0706 : Uffington Level Crossing by Marathon
TF0605 : Entering Pilsgate by JThomas
TF0606 : River Welland by David Woodman
TF0706 : Uffington level crossing and station house by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0404 : Woodland on the edge of Burley Park by Kate Jewell
TF0606 : Footpath westwards from Uffington Bridge by Brian Green
TF0605 : Houses, Pilsgate by JThomas
TF0706 : Field access crossing by the Torpel Way by Michael Trolove
TF0706 : Uffington Level Crossing Signal Box by Glyn Weekes
TF0505 : Reeds on the lakeside at Burghley House by Richard Humphrey
TF0504 : Farmland scene near Burghley Park by Marathon
TF0404 : A1 approaching Carpenter's Lodge by Robin Webster
TF0404 : Undergrowth in woodland,  near Burley by Kate Jewell
TF0706 : Uffington level crossing by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0506 : Burghley House Sculpture Garden by louise shefford
TF0605 : Pudding Bag Lane, Pilsgate by Marathon
TF0504 : Hereward Way looking towards Burghley Park by Marathon
TF0706 : Footpath behind Uffington level crossing by Jay Haywood
TF0505 : Burghley House Gardens and Artwork by dennis smith
TF0605 : Pilsgate village sign by Marathon
TF0505 : Face on the cliff face at Burghley House by Richard Humphrey
TF0506 : Along the Torpel Way by Marathon
TF0506 : Derelict farm building near Pilsgate by Richard Croft
TF0706 : Uffington Level Crossing by J.Hannan-Briggs
TF0605 : Websters Farmhouse, Pilsgate by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0404 : "Yeah they were all yellow" by Richard Humphrey
TF0706 : Uffington Road crossing by Richard Croft
TF0506 : Burghley House Garden of Surprises by louise shefford
TF0505 : Farm track in Burghley Park by Marathon
TF0706 : CrossCountry train near Uffington Crossing by Marathon
TF0605 : North edge of Pilsgate by Dylan Moore
TF0605 : Recently cultivated field near Pilsgate, Stamford by Richard Humphrey
TF0504 : Barnack Drift (road) by J.Hannan-Briggs
TF0505 : Farm track on the Burghley Park estate by Marathon
TF0504 : View from Ermine Street by Marathon
TF0404 : A1 parking area near Carpenters Lodge by Julian P Guffogg
TF0706 : Uffington Signal Box by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0505 : Lake at Burghley House by Steve Edge
TF0506 : Derelict barn near Pilsgate by Marathon
TF0606 : River Welland near Uffington by Marathon
TF0506 : Garden of Surprises at Burghley House by dennis smith
TF0404 : Yellow Archangel, Lamium galeobdolon by Kate Jewell

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