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SO5396 : Open barn & stock of wood by Row17
SO5396 : Farmstead, Plaish by Charles Leventon
SO5396 : Holt Farm by Richard Law
SO5395 : A new pool in the fields near Sheaves Farm by Richard Law
SO5395 : Further down the lane to Longville-in-the-Dale. by Row17
SO5396 : Holt Farm by Chris Carlson
SO5296 : Lane at Plaish by Row17
SO5395 : The footpath needs a bit of clearing! by Row17
SO5395 : Lane to Longville-in-the-Dale. by Row17
SO5296 : Road junction at Plaish by John Lord
SO5396 : A thoroughly gubbed hedge by Richard Law
SO5396 : Holt Farm from across the valley by Richard Law
SO5296 : Lane into Plaish from the southwest by Richard Law
SO5396 : Plaish Hall by Row17
SO5396 : Plaish Hall by John Lord
SO5395 : Grazing land. by Row17
SO5296 : Plaish Hall by John Lord
SO5395 : Sheep grazing. by Row17
SO5296 : Laburnum - don't eat the seeds whatever you do by Row17
SO5395 : A small pool, drying up at the end of summer by Richard Law
SO5396 : Footbridge over the Hughley Brook by Richard Law
SO5396 : Plaish Hall by Richard Law
SO5296 : Looking across the street by Chris Carlson
SO5395 : Round the bend. by Row17
SO5296 : Plaish Park farm from the west by Richard Law

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