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SN0234 : St Brynachâs Church, Pontfaen - interior by welshbabe
SN0233 : Farmyard at Pontfaen by Bill Boaden
SN0333 : Muddy track to Dan Coed by Bill Boaden
SN0234 : Pontfaen: the bridge which gives the place its name by Stefan Czapski
SN0336 : Bedd Morris standing stone by Jeremy Bolwell
SN0234 : Jabes baptistry by ceridwen
SN0335 : Old  farm machinery by ceridwen
SN0034 : Cilrhedyn Woodland Centre by ceridwen
SN0233 : Farmyard at Tyryet by Bill Boaden
SN0132 : Mynydd Cilciffeth with old disc harrow by ceridwen
SN0136 : Ponies on the hillside by Richard Law
SN0234 : St Brynachâs Church, Pontfaen - interior - chair by welshbabe
SN0134 : A clump of honey fungus (Armillaria mellea) by ceridwen
SN0032 : Penffordd by Alan Richards
SN0235 : Old machinery in upland pasture, Mynydd Melyn by ceridwen
SN0033 : Sheepfold near Cwm Gwaun by Deborah Tilley
SN0232 : B4313 heading for Fishguard by Martyn Harries
SN0234 : Houses in the Cwm by Deborah Tilley
SN0334 : Farmyard at Ty Mawr by Bill Boaden
SN0032 : Mynydd Cilciffeth roadtop by ceridwen
SN0133 : Road junction near Pontfaen by Martyn Harries
SN0034 : Postbox and phonebox, Cilrhedyn by ceridwen
SN0135 : Farm track and footpath by ceridwen
SN0232 : Ffordd Mynydd/Mountain Road by ceridwen
SN0132 : June in Wales by ceridwen
SN0232 : Dairy cattle crossing the B4313 near Tyryet by David Gearing
SN0333 : Llwybr Ty'riet Path by Alan Richards
SN0235 : Disused pit on Mynydd Melyn, Llanychlwydog by Dylan Moore
SN0234 : St Brynachâs Church, Pontfaen - interior by welshbabe
SN0033 : Sheep folds  above Cwm Gwaun by ceridwen
SN0033 : Country Road near Penlan Oleu by Martyn Harries
SN0233 : Ffarm Ty'r-iet Farm by Alan Richards
SN0136 : Path on Mynydd Dinas by Deborah Tilley
SN0234 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SN0235 : Sustainable energy sources by ceridwen
SN0334 : Pengegin farmyard by ceridwen
SN0332 : Lay-by on the B4313 by Martyn Harries
SN0034 : Tree-planting in Allt Clyn by ceridwen
SN0136 : Tups by ceridwen
SN0033 : New life by ceridwen
SN0032 : Isolated shearing shed by John Haynes
SN0333 : Footbridge at Dan Coed by Trevor Harris
SN0033 : Track near Kilkiffeth, Llanychaer by Dylan Moore
SN0234 : Opposite Jabes Chapel, Pontfaen by welshbabe
SN0335 : Snow on the Preselis by ceridwen
SN0134 : Llanychllwydog church from the east by ceridwen
SN0333 : Footpath in woodland in the Gwaun valley on May Day by Jeremy Bolwell
SN0232 : Nant Pontfaen Brook by Alan Richards
SN0236 : Mynydd Melyn - summit trigpoint by Richard Law
SN0234 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SN0234 : The Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen, a.k.a. Bessie's by ceridwen
SN0234 : The Dyffryn Arms Free House, Pontfaen, Cwm Gwaun by Jeremy Bolwell
SN0333 : Roadside feast in Cwm Gwaun by ceridwen
SN0234 : Pontfaen House by ceridwen
SN0234 : Pontfaen church with pillar stones by ceridwen
SN0334 : Gwaun Valley by Jeremy Owen
SN0336 : Bedd Morris standing stone by ceridwen
SN0234 : Bessie's by ceridwen

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