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NZ5021 : Transporter bridge at night by philld
NZ4921 : Transporter Bridge Winding House by Steve Daniels
NZ5123 : Road heading east, Seal Sands Industrial Site by JThomas
NZ5021 : North Bank of the Tees by Mick Garratt
NZ4820 : Site of Proposed New Road Bridge by Mick Garratt
NZ5022 : Sheep at RSPB Saltholme by Oliver Dixon
NZ4820 : Middlesbrough railway, industry and skyline by Antony Dixon
NZ4921 : Winding House by Gordon Hatton
NZ5022 : Saltholme Pools Hide by Oliver Dixon
NZ5123 : North Tees Nature Reserve by Mick Garratt
NZ4820 : Billingham Reach by Richard Webb
NZ5022 : West Saltholme Pool and North Tees Works by Oliver Dixon
NZ5022 : Island in Paddy's pool, RSPB Salthome by Christine Johnstone
NZ5123 : Level-crossing near Seal Sands by Philip Barker
NZ4820 : 37667 Tail Ending a Special to Saltburn by Mick Garratt
NZ5022 : Paddy's Pool Hide by peter robinson
NZ5021 : River Tees by Alexander P Kapp
NZ5021 : The Station Hotel, Port Clarence by Ian S
NZ5123 : Railway line heading north by JThomas
NZ4921 : Industrial Site on Vulcan Street by Chris Heaton
NZ4820 : Stockton-on-Tees from the air by Thomas Nugent
NZ5021 : Station Hotel, Port Clarence by Mick Garratt
NZ4921 : Port Clarence Road by Pauline E
NZ5022 : Two Highland bullocks at RSPB Saltholme Bird Reserve by Oliver Dixon
NZ5021 : Clarence Wharf Road by Mick Garratt
NZ4921 : Railway from Dawsons Wharf to Middlesbrough Goods Yard by Christine Johnstone
NZ4820 : Railings on the Banks of the Tees by Mick Garratt
NZ5022 : Seaton Crew Road by Alexander P Kapp
NZ4820 : Former Road Bridge Over Railway by Mick Garratt
NZ5021 : Steel City Symbol by Maxwell S W Birchenough
NZ4921 : Railway onto Dawsons Wharf, south bank of the Tees by Christine Johnstone
NZ5022 : Lake off Seaton Carew Road by JThomas
NZ4820 : Telephone Pole, Near Metz Bridge by Mick Garratt
NZ5021 : Transporter Bridge by Mr M Evison
NZ4921 : Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge by Andy Beecroft
NZ4921 : Middlesbrough Reach by Richard Webb
NZ4921 : Railway, Dawson's Wharf by Richard Webb
NZ5021 : Marshes north of Port Clarence by Mike Quinn
NZ5022 : Saltholme east pool by Robert Graham
NZ5123 : Seal Sands nature reserve. by Maxwell S W Birchenough
NZ5022 : Saltholme Pools Hide by peter robinson
NZ4820 : Former British Steel Britannia Test House by Mick Garratt
NZ4820 : Contractor's Site Cabins by Mick Garratt
NZ5022 : A168 Seaton Carew Road by Colin Pyle
NZ4921 : Oil Rig Module Loadout by Mick Garratt
NZ4921 : Farewell to Middlesbrough by Mike Quinn
NZ4820 : Steel Stockyard by Mick Garratt
NZ5022 : Back Saltholme Pool by Trevor Littlewood
NZ5123 : By rail to Seal Sands by Maxwell S W Birchenough
NZ5022 : Lake northeast of Seaton Carew Road (A178) by Mike Quinn
NZ4921 : St Hildas, Middlesbrough by Mick Garratt
NZ5022 : River Tees Mouth from the air by Thomas Nugent
NZ4921 : Disused Railway Siding, Riverside Park by Mick Garratt
NZ4921 : Building of the Middlesbrough Pottery in 1831 by Mick Garratt
NZ4921 : The Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough by Elaine Morgan
NZ5022 : Saltholme Nature Reserve by Christine Westerback
NZ4921 : Former Oil Rig Module Fabrication Yard by Mick Garratt

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